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    mora camp axe

    hi all. does anyone use the mora camp axe? im a big mora fan and like the functanal look of it. i handled one a few weeks back and it felt ok. but it is pricey i think. seen it from £35--£52! i think it should be around the £25 mark personally. but i might be wrong!
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    jack pyke bushcraft knife

    hi all! does anyone here use a jackpyke knife? i picked up what i think is called a bushman the other day. its a largeish fixed blade with camo scales and sheath. both discarded, i made new scales ouy of wood and a leather sheath for it, also polished the blade to a mirror finnish. its a good...
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    gerber gator folder

    does anyone use one of these? if so whats your thoughts about this knife? i got one recently off a mate because the pivot pin had snapped. i replaced it with an allen bolt and nut of stainless steel. it not in my opinion a nice knife. but is it a good knife?
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    hi all! im nick aka hobo. im new here and was recomended by a good friend.