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    Trekker stainless steel Kelly Kettle: fit of the base

    I've had an aluminium Kelly Kettle for many years and the fire bowl of that one fits nicely into the base of the kettle for transportation, allowing a couple of brews' worth of kindling to be securely stored in the chimney. I received a stainless steel one pint Trekker for Father's Day :D...
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    Spider Identification please?

    While out and about today one of my daughters spotted a bee hanging from a daffodil. Upon closer inspection it became apparent that the bee was hanging from the "mandibles?" of a green spider. I've had a Google, but can't seem to find what it is. Anyone know please?
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    Modifying Mora blades to spearpoint

    I have now modded three of my Moras to make the blade profiles closer to a spearpoint. The profile works better for me and I am very happy with the results: My 545, seen here with an unmodded 510: With another great spearpoint utility knife, an ML Knives Kephart: My "2010"...
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    Mora of Sweden Craftline Allround

    I received a few of these today. Overall I consider this knife an improvement to the Clipper. Unfortunately it seems that carbon steel is no longer an option - only Sandvik 12C27 stainless. I don't think you could find a better knife for under a tenner. The packaging is nicer than the...
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    Matt Lesniewski Knives

    I recently took delivery of these two knives from Matt Lesniewski of ML Knives , a "Custom Drop Point, Fileworked" in 1095 steel, with tiger maple and brass pins: ..and a "Custom Woods & Bush", again in 1095, tiger maple and brass: Matt was an absolute...
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    Basha, beer, brews and burgers

    This is a duplicate of my post over in BritishBlades.. A very pleasant evening out with three friends, in our usual spot, where we've been going for about 18 years. The Hilleberg Hotel (Tarp10XP), pitched lean-to, with room for the four of us: There seemed to be quite a lot of...
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    Joel C Bolden #1 Hunter/Utility

    I received this beautiful knife today from Joel Bolden. It features a 3/32" stock flat ground blade in D2 and Desert Ironwood scales. Joel was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I'm very happy with the knife. :)
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    hunter/trapper/author lives off the land BBC2 20:00

    20:00 Today BBC2 Natural World Nature documentary. A stunningly photographed portrait of the wildlife and landscape of the Mississippi River seen through the eyes of 'River Rat' Kenny Salwey, a legendary hunter, trapper and author who lives off the land and shares his watery haunts with...
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    Mini Bic Lighter "Boot with a Loop"

    I hope it's ok to post here. I'm not making any profit on these, I just bought a few more than in needed (forty nine more!) as I thought some of my BritishBlades and BushcraftUK muckers might be interested. So it's really a preemptive Group Buy. They usually go for $1.99 plus a $0.51...
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    Swedish M90 Parka and Trousers - Good Price

    Surplus and Adventure have got a very good price on the Swedish M90 parka at the moment. £19.97 It is an excellent warm jacket. I know that people have reported bad service from Surplus and Adventure, but I ordered an M90 from them with no problem. Here's the link: Parka & Trousers
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    Merino clothing from Marks and Spencer!!

    My wife found this one for me: Marks and Spencer, the Collezione Range Great prices and range. Crew Neck Roll-neck...
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    Which Underpants?

    What do you wear? I must admit that over the years I have overlooked one area of base layering..the underpants. I have always worn cotton briefs and have therefore suffered from sweaty, soggy pants. For some reason I have always resented paying a lot of money for pants (and socks), but it...
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    Gene Ingram #13 ?

    I am looking for a high quality small fixed blade knife with a blade around 3-3.5 inches. I pretty much have my heart set on a Gene Ingram Drop Point #13, hopefully in S30V. Does anyone have one of theses knives? I understand that the #30 is popular in the Bushcraft world, but do you have...
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    West Winds Ventile Antarctic Smock

    Greetings smock-lovers, I just took the plunge and ordered a West Winds Antarctic Smock. I really think I have a smock problem. :roll: I already have a Snowsled Classic smock and Swedish Army M60's, so I don't really need another one...but it looked so nice in my new Soldier of Fortune...
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    Space Station Visibility good this month..

    This month offers some good chances to see the International Space Station whizzing over. It will be the brightest thing in the sky apart from the moon. Find your town here: ISS Visibility
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    Roger C Linger Bushcraft Knife

    I just saw this one mentioned at BladeForums. Looks very nice.. Linger
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    Swedish Smock

    I was looking for a "beater" smock for times when I didn't want to risk damaging my Snowsled Classic Ventile and came across this: I bought it from ExArmy where it is £30. I initially bought a black one , as they only have black and white listed, but when I received it I asked them if...
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    Snowsled Classic Smock

    Do you have one? I can't decide which pocket configuration to go for. I'm leaning towards the classic style of the "kangaroo" pouch. What do you have on yours? I understand that the zip will open deeper on the version with the two bellows pockets, enabling more ventilation. In the brochure...
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    West Winds Windshirt

    Own one? I have just ordered one. I've been told that it will take 28 days to arrive. I have read remarks on this thread about West Winds's customer service, but am I right in thinking that when it DOES arrive I will be happy with it? I have a Snowsled catalogue on the way. I know - I...