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    Feuerhand lanterns

    What are your thoughts on the Feuerhand lanterns for your overnight or few days out? Been thinking of getting one so I do not have to depend on battery power for light. They are simple to operate but good enough to have around once lit. Some will last 16 hours with a low flame on one 300ml tank...
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    Tarp build

    Looking to make a tarp. Got waterproof ripstop which is enough to cover me and be lightweight. Snap eyelets as well. But to make sure it does not come apart I need a few pointers on what I need to do with it so I can take it out for a few days this year. So are there any videos that are out...
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    58 pattern sleeping bag.

    Bought a 58 sleeping bag off of Ebay for £15 (plus the £5 postage) and it arrived today. Good size, zip works well and just the right size for me. Thought I would buy one for nostalgia for when I was in the army. Only 1 problem.... Not enough packing of feathers to make it a all year round...
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    Another paracord question

    Last month I had to redo my computer as it had a trojan virus placed upon it. Frankly I lost most of my work and other things besides. So I switched to Ubuntu which means I lost all of my links to various websites (including this one). One link I had was for a paracord seller that was selling...
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    GPS. Is it just me?

    Remeber them old E Trex GPS that were yellow, the 16 bit screen and all of that. Well now they have gone full colour. No biggie as I have been using my e Trex for years going up some hills. But now there seems to be some confusion. It seems e Trex 20 and e Trex 30 does not want to perform...
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    Adventurer found dead after 1 month in Scotland

    He quit his job in Derby and went off in December to live off the land. He was found dead 3 weeks later.
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    Bear Grylls learning comes useful for father son disaster

    From "The Daily Mail" comes a story that seems to say someone learned something of survival off Bear Grylls. No matter if you like him or loathe him, it seems his...
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    BBC on bushtucker health

    For some it may be interesting if they wish to appear on a TV gameshow, but it does explain the protien and what is needed to live off. Plus why ther west do not do this sort of eating insects.