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    US Army individual first aid kit.

    Yes please I will have one. Thanks
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    For Sale

    sorry i had to go away fro a few weeks, still would like the camelbak if available. thanks
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    For Sale

    PM sent re: camelbak
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    BIG Clearout - Mostly Unused Items

    RM First Aid kit please.
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    FS: 2 x Exped Downmat 9, used once

    I will have the other one if you do not get a sale from markie please.
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    Well cover

    yes please PM sent...
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    For Sale: ELWELL Butcher's Chopper 1943 - Unused RARE

    Item received safely, as described, and I am very pleased with it, thanks Spader.
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    For Sale: ELWELL Butcher's Chopper 1943 - Unused RARE

    "I Will Have IT" please. That said, I am happy to wait and see if TeeDee wants to reply first with his confirmation of your reply. Thanks.
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    Fjallraven Canvas Belt

    should be there now, had a internet problem... sorry
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    Fjallraven Canvas Belt

    yes please Pm sent
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    Cegga BR Hunter axe - Charity Raffle

    Lovely idea Rich. I've added myself to the list below, and will send you a PM in a tick 1. Darkside 2. Paolo 3. Xunil 4. Trunks 5. lmanton 6. Paolo 7. Snarf 8. Xunil 9. Bluemerle 10. bonzodog 11. Xunil 12. Claudiasboris 13. Lostplanet 14. SimonM 15. pwb 16. Shogun 17. 18. Bodge 19. Xunil 20...
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    Stein Bergsteiger Chainsaw boots Size 9UK(43 euro)

    sorry it is empty now....thanks for telling me.
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    Stein Bergsteiger Chainsaw boots Size 9UK(43 euro)

    are these still for sale or did you get round to posting on ebay in the end?
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    A bit of a clear out!

    I will take the Camelbak please. PM sent.
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    Clearout of bits, all must go

    Ammo boxes and Sigg Fuel bottle please... PM sent.
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    Pelican 2365 flex neck LED

    Yes please i would like this thanks, PM sent.
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    For sale

    how much would you like for the shooting gear? thanks.
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    Green Alloy Camp/Cot Bed

    Yes please. PM sent..
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    Draeger parat c smoke hood

    Yes please! PM sent.