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    Leather ''ZIPPO'' lighter Pouch?

    I have one of the ones that have a popper belt closure . I did not trust it so punched a couple of holes either side and sewed it closed
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    Cleaning sleeping bags

    I don’t think they dry clean sleeping bags or duvets any more, that’s what my local cleaners said, the fumes from the ‘ perk ‘ they use are poisonous.
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    D-ring for sheath dangler?

    You need 2 pairs of pliers, don’t try and make the gap in the D ring larger by pulling it apart but get the pliers on each end of the flat side and twist one left and the other right so you get a suitable gap to slide it on. Then just pinch it back together by reversing the process. That’s how...
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    Cooking out of a partially converted van

    I have a Howling Moon awning that I use with or without the side panels depending on the weather. Have a Genyk/ Hago/beanstalk kitchen unit . 3 fold flat wire shelves with a stove windshield on the top shelf. Stoves vary , Tilley twosome, Coleman gas, Primus, and others. The butane only freezes...
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    For Sale A bit of a clearout

    Hi, could I have the Turm stove please.
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    Song of the Paddle forum.....

    Hi Magikelly , yes I am that one. Think we are on the way to being sorted now. Thanks
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    Song of the Paddle forum.....

    I have been on there a number of years but now can’t get into it either.
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    Bell tent. Stove flap or flashing kit?

    @Sundowner , I think we must be talking about different tent flaps. The one I have seen has a rain flap you roll up , poke the chimney through the under canvas/silicone to use, then when you are not using the stove you roll it down to seal the hole.
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    Bell tent. Stove flap or flashing kit?

    I am a sailmaker..... The canvas one I have nearly decided on has silicone I can’t do links but if you search for ‘stove jack with canvas edging ‘ on eBay you will see which one I mean.
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    Bell tent. Stove flap or flashing kit?

    I have the same dilemma at the moment, putting my stove in my awning of my trailer. Don’t want to cut a hole in the awning so will probably build my own back wall and cut a hole in that. Don’t really want one of the metal and silicone bulky pipe fitting things , anywhere from £16 to £35. Army...
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    Family tents - recommendations

    Have a look at the Kampa brean tents, a couple of friends have them for canoe base camp tents. Has a good porch design as it has an ‘eyebrow ‘ to keep the rain from drowning the porch with the door open, plenty of room for a table to cook on and space to sit. They have the size 3 which I was...
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    Zip Repair Question.

    The easiest way is to sew a ‘stop’ across the zip. Just oversew a few stitches across it. Toddy posted while I was typing
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    Down bag disaster!

    I can send you some spinnaker nylon and some double sided tape .
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    On the subject of old things....

    Nice stove. Don't use wire wool or Brasso- bad for the metal apparently. A soft cloth and Autosol will work and is recommended .
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    Bush hat suggestions?

    If you have some chamois leather use a strip of that to replace the elastic. We use it in Australian hats, stops it leaving your head when it’s windy. If really windy damp the leather a bit then jam it on your head. If you need to take up more ‘space’ wrap the leather round a tape and sew that in.
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    Looking for advice on sewing Cordura

    I would use V92 polyester thread with a size 110 needle. You won’t have to bind or melt the edges , just turn the fabric in so the edges are inside the three layers. Straight stitch is fine. No idea about your machine, sorry. Just look up the biggest needle it will take. I would use a...
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    How much are women able to carry?

    Patronising :censored:. I have backpacked round the world many times on my own . I suggest you take Nomads suggestion and get off the keyboard. If you are outside I will walk you off your feet even though I have now had 11 ops on my leg to rebuild it.
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    Canoe Trek down the Vyrnwy

    Looks good, is that an Apache? The Spey is on my hit list , one day.
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    Mystery item identification?

    I have not seen one with spikes but usually the mushroom shaped thingos are for darning woolly socks.
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    Rucksack knife advice

    Does not fit in with the pen knife theory but I picked up a 2 piece knife set. Made of plastic, serrated , light weight. The larger one has a 7" blade , bit pointy and is pretty good at bread cutting. Smaller one has a square point 4 1/2 inch blade. Apparently meant for vegetables and picnics...