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    Bushcraft show?

    I hear what you guys are saying, it's just I felt he was a bit rude bearing in mind the company he was in. I feel he could have held back on some comments and just talked about the topic at hand. Would you walk up to a group of 20 somethings in a pub and be derogatey about their addidas sports...
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    Bushcraft show?

    I don't think you were being sensitive, he also said he didn't understand people who did bushcraft at the weekends? To him it's just what you do on an expedition. At another talk on his tour someone asked what his favourite piece of kit was, he said he didn't really like kit so much, really, why...
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    Bear Grylls "Britain's Biggest Adventures". Mountain Rescue are not impressed.

    I'm pretty sure that in this program Bear does remind the viewer of the dangers involved in the activitys he does. Risk is severity of injury X likely hood of occurrence so following bear on your own without protection could result in a serious injury but when was the last time this happened...
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    Bear Grylls "Britain's Biggest Adventures". Mountain Rescue are not impressed.

    "Just goes to show that it's not what you do but which corrupt politician you are descended from that matters in this world." Can you back your statements up with evidence? Mr.Wayland? I watched the show, he was in there with a Yorkshire caving team. Who are professionals and know the...
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    Protecting a new PC...

    Try Aviva anti virus and Comodo firewall both free. Also worth a Google is Spybot software. Virus free for years with this system.
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    Help a newbie out with his choice of knife

    Btw, I have a few Mora's and they're ace. I also have a few sak's with the wenger EVO grip 18 being about the best for my edc. Hope you find the right tool for you :)
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    Help a newbie out with his choice of knife

    How about the Bear Grylls ultimate pro? There's a positive review on here some where and it comes with a sharpener! It's just a thought as I have no experience with the knife myself and I'd rather not have a disscusion on who is better, bear or ray! :rolleyes:
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    Compound bow

    There was a Matthews solocam compound for sale in the members classified section if you still fancy a compound. 60lb pull on a compound isn't a problem as once the bow is drawn you can hold it without much effort however with a recurve even 30lb feels tough. Great fun though either way ☺
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    Lowa boots sizing

    I have lowa renegade's in size 45 and saloman xa pro 3d in size 11 and both fit fine. Haven't a clue what the lowa mountain boots fit like tho so this probably doesn't help. The renegade's are a great boot though.
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    Advice on buying First Defender

    I once had a C reg 90, rubbish on fuel and underpowered but I loved it and it made me smile every time I drove it ☺ if I could afford a good one now I'd go for a 110 for a bit more room and the modern diesels seem fine. People used to wave, do they still do that kind of thing? It's not...
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    I'm on the quest - can you help?

    Have a look at Craghoppers Stefan trousers, these might fit the bill or the leg ☺
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    Wood carving gouges.

    Thanks for the replys, I'll look into them and hopefully pick some up. Although I've a long way to go before my wood spirits look anything like those in the videos ☺
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    Wood carving gouges.

    Hi folks, I'm after some small wood carving gouges but don't want to spend a great deal. I was hoping someone could recommend a brand they had used that wasn't to expensive but did the job well. I'll be using them for wood spirits, (4" approx) and detail on spoons etc. Is £50 for a set...
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    Bushcraft trouser possibly?

    Noticed these on a first aid kit suppliers, might be worth a look:
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    Inov-8 Footwear

    I've had two pairs, 315 roclite and terroc. Both have been great but I much prefer my Lowa Renegade's. Might be worth a look for you too.
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    Bear Hating

    I recently brought a Lowe alpine back pack, it's not Bear Grylls endorsed but it is black grey and orange I'm colour. I'm concerned it may get confused at the bushcraft show for a BG item resulting in an attack by the anti BG club. Don't get me wrong here, this is more about personal survival...
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    S4 Type

    Sorry if this is a daft question but doesn't the s4 type come with a Sheath? Awesome looking knife Mark, if only money was no object :) Keep up the great work, always a pleasure to view your knives.
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    THe survival experts know nowt:)

    Funny that, hasn't it been in the news lately that a town called Hell in the states has actually frozen over with all this cold weather they're having? Looks like the BG school of Survival is open for class mate :cool: :) Only Joking btw :rolleyes:
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    THe survival experts know nowt:)

    It's all pretty simple guys. Watch some of BG's Man Vs Wild and you'll find all the answers you need about this bushcraft stuff :)
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    Dont batton with your knife

    .......... :lmao: