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    Some Leather Makes

    Scout belts with those buckles were really cool. They had a ring either side so you had hanging hooks or could loop through with a handy hank.
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    Is a leatherman skeletool legal carry?

    Sorry, think I may have misled you slightly. I carry the Leather-man when cycling so I would either be stopped with the bike or shopping etc. I do not actually carry the Leather-man into work at all because it stays with the bike in a secure area. It is a bike tool is the excuse and I would...
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    German Mountain Rucksack Mods

    I have just seen a Youtuber with a molle first aid pouch in that position. Hearing his argument for why he has his first aid kit there was a light bulb moment so I am thinking of doing that. The straps would just slip though the molle straps on the back of the pouch. In case you are wondering it...
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    Belt with pouches

    I am having the same problem with my day set up however I think you either have to tie it together or as I am planning on doing running a molle strip at the back of the belt to hold everything in place. I am also looking at a molle belts however not sure at the moment.
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    Is a leatherman skeletool legal carry?

    I carry a Leather man Ti as part of my bike tool kit. The reasonable excuse goes like this, it has a lot of tools including a pair of pliers in one tool and I do not leave something with my bike which is worth a third of the value of the bike which is why the Garmin is in the bag as well. I have...
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    Another of those, if only you were allowed one, posts. SAK preference

    My every day care is a huntsman.
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    Show us your cutting tool trios!

    Glad it not just me!
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    DIY folding saw?

    That's interesting my understanding was that it was 3 inches because you need at least 4 to stab someone in the heart. Also the lock knife thing is a judge said they where the same as fixed blades so they are judged as that and not folders. You would get away with the saw because of the...
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    Scouting - Old Time kit

    You did used to be able to buy that sort of stuff from the Baden Powell Scout association. The belts rock as they are not a solid belt they have a ring either side to hang things from. A dangler sheath knife would work perfectly from one of these belts. His looks right however I wonder if they...
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    War Archer!

    Couple of points:- Anyone who can actually shot a bow explain to me why an inch ie either side of the bow is so important when using the large (War) bows? Second, is there actually any evidence that there were war and peace bows? Third, has anyone seen if the bloke in the video has tried the...
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    Ray Mears On Sunday Brunch

    lol some funny people on this forum. Fraxinus, I think you might be on the money. Well have to look at some more videos when I do not have to go to bed however it looks similar.
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    Ray Mears On Sunday Brunch

    Ray mears was on Sunday Brunch this morning and he tied a knot. Any ideas what knot?
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    Acclimatisation - how long does it take and how well does it work?

    There was program about DNA and in it they demonstrated the so called Viking gene which gives you the ability to deal with the cold. They basically got people to put their hands into cold water and the ones with the gene did not seem to have any problems with the cold so some people will react...
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    upside down firelay?

    An explanation is in the 4 hour Chef book so might be worth checking out his blog.
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    thinking of going "offgrid"

    Strange. I would love to own and live on 13 acres plus of land to have a life most people only dream of. Forget politics etc imagine your best ever trip as you get up in the morning and look out at the forest around you and that is how you get up every morning. Off grid so next to no bills and...
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    Bug Out Bag, which one ?

    This is so my thinking especially with some of the situations were you could find yourself being looked at by Officialdom. Really amazing kit. Slowly sorting out this so I have the same entertainment in at least three forms ie phone, tablet and usb. It also a good idea to have pdf/a scans...
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    thinking of going "offgrid" This is interesting especially the DIY Farm/Smallholding bit. I am trying to find the website of an author who has written a book about the subject. Basically you buy land apply for barn, and that gets you a...
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    Create your own energy - kinetic backpack

    i have wondered if they can do it with watches could they make it bigger for other devices.
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    The last two days' purchases

    I get itches like that every time I go heinnie haynes website