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  1. coln18


    This backpack is in excellent condition, no rips or blemishes as i also bought the bigger MLD EXODUS pack and tend to use that for my bigger hikes. This is also been made in the full Dyneema, including the 2 side pockets and larger back pouch as well as the top roll section rather than the...
  2. coln18

    For Sale Nato/UK Desert Windproof Smock

    For Sale £35 plus postage NATO/British Desert DP Smock, Combat Windproof....Comes with British flag badge and regimental badge. Size Large(170/96) Perfect condition, no blemishes or tears
  3. coln18

    For Sale Memory Map full UK maps

    For sale £70 plus postage Complete st of Memory Map discs covering the entire mainland of Scotland, England, Wales. Allows you to print of any map in any scale, complete with 3D fly through option. Complete with relevant codes
  4. coln18

    For Sale Karrimor Independence 60-100 Rucksack

    For Sale £80 plus postage or pick up Glasgow Quality Original Karrimor Independence 60 - 100 Ltr rucksack. Great condition, hardly used with no blemishes or tears, Comes with fully adjustable SA Super cool harness. Absolutely tons of storage and pockets. Comes with internal rain cover. Only...
  5. coln18

    Sold MLD Cuben Fibre Solo Grace Tarp

    Mountain Laurel Designs Solo Grace Tarp comes in .75 green DCF (Cuben Fibre) Excellent condition, no tears or rips, Comes with ultralight guylines. Only used a couple of times before I started using MLD Duomid. 190g..... 7 x 5 x 9 (Front x Rear x Ridge line) Comes with MLD Stuffsack Costs $300...
  6. coln18

    Teaching the wee man some fire skills up the woods

    Took little Ross up to the woods today for the day to teach him a little about trees and to show him some fire skills and bushcraft. We got soaking wet and cold, but both of us had a huge smile on our face once we left the woods and headed for home, there can't be much in this world more...
  7. coln18

    Glencoe meet

    Ok guys, it's February again and it's time for our wee trip out to the beautiful glencoe. This one will take place over the weekend of 22nd/23rd of February 2014. The plan is to camp using the Red Squirrel campsite in GlenCoe (Although, anyone not wanting to camp can use the youth hostel or book...
  8. coln18

    9 day wild camping/paddling trip to the islands on loch lomond

    Hey Guys, just back from a excellent trip to the islands on loch lomond, i heading out by myself on Christmas day and spent the next 9 days and nights on some of the islands. The weather was pretty horrible at times and stunning at others. It was the perfect trip as i managed to get in about 5...
  9. coln18

    Christmas to New Year chill out

    I'm planning on heading over to Inchtavannach Island on Loch Lomond on Christmas day and plan to stay there for a wee chill out for at least a week, if not longer. It's not going to be a skill share, more just a chill out and relax. Anyone interested in tuning up, even just for an overnighter...
  10. coln18

    Canoe self rescue video - capistrano flip

    Hi Guys, just moving a few of my videos i've shot over to my new youtube channel and since i've just re-edited this footage to make it easier to watch and flow a bit better, i thought i'd post it up here for anyone interested in practising the capistrano flip. Hope you enjoy watching, any...
  11. coln18

    week wild camping and paddling on Loch Shiel

    Just back on Sunday from a brilliant time up on Loch Shiel with Rich (Shewie), Jason (jag009) and Stephen (Gailainne), travelled up on Sunday the 10th of November crossing the Corran Ferry in brilliant sunshine, this was the last we would see of the big yellow disc in the sun, the rest of the...
  12. coln18

    weekend paddling on Loch Chon

    Had a nice weekend wild camping and canoeing up at Loch Chon with a few of the guys, i had got myself a Gopro Hero 2 camera that fits onto the boat, so thought i would make a couple of wee films, the first one is just a wee vid of paddling on the loch and the second one is an instructional video...
  13. coln18

    Happy birthday to Stuart F

    Happy birthday old yin, you'll soon be carving stenna stair lifts and zimmer frames if you get any older :hapbirth:hope you have a cracking day Stuart, all the best mate.
  14. coln18

    Celilo Bushcraft Knife from Bushcraft Northwest

    Ordered a new knife from Bushcraft Northwest in the States last night and got the normal automated email purchase response from them, but tonight i received a email from the guy who runs the company sent from his own I phone telling me that he had upgraded my postage to express delivery free of...
  15. coln18

    Woodlore and Bergans

    just a quick update on the damaged Bergans 6/8 man tipi badly damaged by the high winds on my recent outing to Inchtavannach.I have posted this on my Inchtavannach isle trip thread, but was so happy with the service i received i thought i should let the good people from the land of BC know about...
  16. coln18

    Inchtavannach Isle, Loch Lomond

    Noticed the weather forecast this weekend was to be nice with low winds so i thought it would be too good an opportunity to miss and headed over in the canoe to Inchtavannach Isle on Loch Lomond with my 3 year old son Ross and of course, Archie the Westie. Headed out about 10.30am on the...
  17. coln18

    Loch Etive wild camp/canoe

    Just back from a nice weekend away to Glen Etive, i headed up early doors on the Friday morning and on route picked Jason (JAG009) up at Bridge of Orchy, he had set off on a 3 day walk from the drovers pub at the head of Loch Lomond on the Tuesday night and headed towards Etive. Having driven...
  18. coln18

    Loch Lomond wild campi

    Just back from a nice wee wild camp on the shores of Loch Lomond with my wee 3 year old boy Ross. Temperatures were very low all weekend but i took along my recently purchased Bison tipi and Frontier stove, so the cold wasnt a problem for the pair of us. My only regret was that i didnt take the...
  19. coln18

    Loch Etive

    Planning on a wee weekend away, next weekend (weekend of the 25th january 2013) to Loch Etive, to the usual campsite at the head of the Loch, just before the logging jetty. Directions are simple, pass by the kings house coming from Glasgow direction and take the first left before the Buachaille...
  20. coln18

    no longer loch ken, its now loch doon

    Just in case anyone has missed it, but we are no longer meeting at loch ken but at the castle on loch doon.