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    Biolite in winter

    definitely a useful little gizmo, the fact it added 11% to your battery life while just making and drinking tea is brilliant!
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    How does UK Knife law apply to Opinel?

    If you removed the locking collar then you'd be able to carry it assuming the blade is of the correct length
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    Super Skadi SPAM Can Lantern

    even with just one tealight it would act as a good cup warmer to keep your drink warm.
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    Sleepcell sleeping bag reduced in asda

    Hi Jack It says 4.5 degree's C to 15 degree's C. Hope that helps.
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    Sleepcell sleeping bag reduced in asda

    Hello everyone. Just thought i'd post a little heads up as Asda are selling the sleepcell sleeping bags for £13 there normally around £30 and it was mainly due to the length and the centre zip that i wanted one to try in my hammock.
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    Anyone on here speak Scottish Gaelic?

    Thanks for that link, its very interesting :D
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    you dont need to see your face while shaving as long as you can check it once every so often you'll get a good shave.
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    Long Lines

    I used to use mussels as a kid, i used a knife to pop them open and take them out, its not too bad once you've done a couple.
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    Interesting stove idea

    Yeah they have been about in prototype form for a few years now, I'd like to see something plugged in charging, although seeing him lift the unit up while there was a fire was pretty impressive, very handy for short stop brews :)
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    Your more than welcome. if you ever want to find a thread by a specific user again, go to their profile and lick the show all threads started link on the left. Ratcatcher, i meant to post earlier saying how tasty it looked, if you ever need a taster just message me lol
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    crayfish there ya go Turbogirl
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    Bell Tent

    My mate got a 5 meter deluxe from bell tent uk, its been used a few times now in some really horrid weather and its perfect.
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    off to build a Viking boat

    Have fun! Looks like a great project, dont forget the pictures !!
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    Few recent DIY projects (quite pics heavy)

    some lovely looking projects there mate, well done and thanks for sharing!
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    Found a quad bike

    as others have said, I'd phone the police if it doesnt belong to the landowner then there's a good chance it may have been stolen.
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    Strange Morning...

    All i can do is echo others comments and say well done, at least you tried to help. If i was in need of help i'd like someone like you to be around!!
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    Some odd hardy tool

    Thats what i was thinking as well.
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    Salt Island cleanup ( Pic Heavy)

    Thats brilliant :D Well done for taking the time and effort to make the place look a bit better. I hope people who go there in the future respect the work you have done, i cant believe there were 3 fire rings, why didnt they just use one of the old ones that were there instead of demolishing...
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    Fish Bonker

    As everything mac said in the uk they are called priests (they administer the last rights to the fish) I have a lovely antler one made for me and engraved with my initals on the white spot.
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    Show us your Zippo's

    i have this one, My wife bought it for me for our first wedding anniversary.