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  1. spud_23

    Bushcraft Show 2019

    Anyone heading up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. spud_23

    Help stolen kit

    Morning guys! can you please keep an eye out for any Gear being sold cheap, and if you can share the link to Facebook at the bottom of the post that would be appreciated. PLEASE SHARE! last night in the Newfoundpool area of Leicester my car was broken into and a large light blue rucksack...
  3. spud_23

    search and rescue

    Afternoon ladies and gents, Been quite a while since I posted on here but I now find myself looking to the collective expertise of this wonderful community! Any of you guys out there involved in Lowland Search and Rescue or Mountain Rescue? Just joined the local ALSAR team. Cheers! Spud
  4. spud_23

    Anyone in the vicinity of the lakes?

    Planning a couple days peak bagging in the lakes.. Driving up tomorrow morning. Anyone in the vicinity fancy joining me or introducing me to a decent watering hole ;)
  5. spud_23


    Well it's been 5 months since my last outing... Withdrawal symptoms don't cut it. Does anyone else begin to get feelings of depression when it's been too long? No holiday allowance til November :( seems to be winter meets only for me from now on!
  6. spud_23

    Air rifle for father in law and little brother

    Anyone got any recommendations? Brother is 15, most sensible headed young un iv ever known. Looking for a springer for him as a first rifle and a PCP for FIL. Currently looking at BSA lightning as a PCP and SMK SYNSG? Never heard if the latter but looks fairly decent. Any advise would be helpful!
  7. spud_23

    Wilderness Gathring 2012

    so whos going this year? iv still got 3 days before i find out if i got the holiday time.. then a mad dash for tickets! anyone else?
  8. spud_23

    Careers in the Outdoors

    Does anyone here have outdoor pursuits as part of their career? im trying to get myself qualified to be an instructor so i can open my own business once i get the experience.. but it seems that unless you have all the NGB qualifications then no one will take you on? even as an...
  9. spud_23

    Leuku Sheath

    wahts the best place to get a sami style leuku sheath to fit an 8 1/2 inch blade? Spud
  10. spud_23

    G4ghb leather journal cover

    Got a custom made leather journal cover from g4ghb.. Absolutely fantastic! Lovely workmanship, perfect size for my smock pocket and love the smell of new leather! Top quality. Kept in contact with progress updates and made sure everything was as i wanted, right down to the shade! Great...
  11. spud_23

    Woodsmoke course

    Anyone ever been on the woodsmoke borneo jungle expedition? Opinions please... Spud Sent from my HTC Vision using Tapatalk
  12. spud_23

    Camino de Santiago

    Has anyone here made the pilgrimage to santiago de compostella? Something im thinking of doing next year... Have become very disillusioned and confused about myself and my faith recently and think that doing th camino would give me time to think about things. Sent from my HTC Vision using...
  13. spud_23

    Wilderness Gathering 2011

    ordered ticket yesterday :) first time going to a meet so thought hey why not the biggest lol! completely new to bushcraft so this will be a massive learning curve.. any advice guys? Spud
  14. spud_23

    Walking Staff

    Hey! i have just recieved a custom hand made Walking staff from The just got to say that it is a fantastic piece. the workmanship is flawless, it is precisely to my order and fits perfectly to my size. postage and Tax were slightly high (£9 and £4 respectively)but well...