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  1. zornt

    Tinder horn

    I have wanted one since I saw a picture in Wildwood Wisdom. Gathered all the stuff and here is the result. The plug is a pc of pine shaped with the Dremel tool. I also inletted a ball bearing to use with a bow drill. Contents so far are some tinder tabs with a sparker, some jute twine, and a few...
  2. zornt

    Happy New Year from across the pond

    Happy New Year to all. May 2019 find you happy, healthy, and safe. Hope you all keep enjoying this forum and the outdoors. Be careful on the roads there are idiots out there. Jon
  3. zornt

    Don't know if you celebrate Fathers day

    I don't know if you celebrate Father:s Day across the pond, But happy Father;s Day to all the dads out there who share the knowledge with their children. Jon
  4. zornt

    Been away for a while and a quick question

    Hello all, Ive been away for a while and just got back on. The reason was a case of " Aggrivated Stupidity " on my part. I cleaned up my computer and wound up deleting my password, not the first time either. This time i REMEMBERED TO WRITE IT DOWN AND PUT IT IN A SECURE PLACE SO i HAVE ACCESS...
  5. zornt

    A milestone. Not bushcrafty though.

    If I get to wake up in the morning I get to celebrate. A milestone in my life. 30 years of sobriety. Ir has been a ride and with that I have been able to enjoy being outside again. This post kind of blows my anonymity but the world knew me as a drunk. I believe they like the sober me better...
  6. zornt

    Been away for some time

    Hi gang, I have been off line for some time. My computer crashed and my internet was down. Fortunately a dear friend bought me a tablet and my internet is back up!!! I have a lot of catching up to do. Glad to be back!!! Jon
  7. zornt

    Tomato and other powdered foods

    I started a thread on BCUSA about Tomato powder. It is something that got the OCD going and I had to try it. I got all kinds of good feedback from it plus other powdered foods. Things like peanutbutter powder, mushroom powder, powdered butter etc. How about your side of the pond? Do you...
  8. zornt

    Translation question again.

    I have noticed references to fairre dust and farrie liquid in some recent posts. I have no clue as to what these people are refering to. Are they infact some kind of useful things for lubrication(My guess)? Or are they some type of magic reference? Please forgive the denseness of...
  9. zornt

    Birthday email

    I go a wonderful emali and birthday wishes from Tony and the forum Thank YOU!!! It is not quite midnight on this side of the pond so I still have a couple of hours left before the page turns. Today I have been reflecting on completing my 60 th orbit round the Sun. It has been a good year for...
  10. zornt

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I know you all do not celebrate the day as we do across the pond, but you do have a couple of cool hollidays I wouldn't mind celebrating, eg Guy Fawks Day and Boxing day. Thanksgiving, to me is all about gratitude. Si I will say to all members that I am grateful to be a member of this...
  11. zornt

    I want a make a spertile

    I want to make a spertile (sp?) for my cook kit. I have the East German one. I have no idea of what type of dementions I would need. I could use a spoon, but I just like to say the word spirtle. LOL! Any ideas or a pix of one that can give me a starting point? Thanks...
  12. zornt

    You guys have some very strange laws

    I was reading about someone wanting s 410 shotgun and then there was talk of putting a supressor on it. Here in the States if we want to do a silencer of any type we have to go to the ATF fill out a long application and pay a $200.00 tax stamp. Then there are your knife laws. Here we can carry...
  13. zornt

    What is an Allotment?

    Pardon my ignorance, but just what is an allotment? From the looks of the pictures it is a gardin or something. Does this refer to a rental area? Most of the time I do ok with the nuances of the language shift, but this one has mestumped? Thanks Jon:confused:
  14. zornt

    Thank You Button

    I really wish BCUK had a thank you button. I believe it is a nice way to give a positive feed back to a thread. On BCUSA I have given almost twice as mant thankt yous than I have made posts. I tend toread a lot more than I post any way. I don't know if there is some kind of problem adding it or...
  15. zornt

    Hello from across the pond

    Hello all. My BCUSA handle is Zornt, so I will use the same here. Zornt was my World of warcraft character. He was a real bushcrafter, lol. He used 2 axes and a bow. Any way, a bit about me. I am a 60 year old disabled man that used to work in water treatment. For the last few years I have...