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    real fur trapper hat?

    i'm after a real fur trapper hat, like the one just sold in the classifieds! anyone recommend one? (and a stockist) i like the fjallraven heater, but it seems expensive for fake fur!
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    brilliant toyota Ad.

    just found this on a toyota 4x4 forum, hilarious ad. well worth watching.
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    winter walk,white coppice, chorley lancs

    White coppice has long been one of my favourite spots in the uk, a little cricket pitch at the foot of the moors just outside chorley. Today i took a day off, and followed black brook (which was frozen) then went up great hill, over to rivington, then back. great spot to pend the...
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    heads up, Husqvarna hatchet, £20!

    on sale at ramage's (aka chainsawspecialists) great little forged axe, iirc made for them by gb or wetterlings. i've got one, great little tool.
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    deer in cumbria

    where's the best place to look for rutting deer in cumbria? i'm there for the next 2 weekends and wouldn't mind a spot of deer watching.
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    wanted: vango force 10 mk 5 or 4

    please, before i spend too much an oztent.
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    good bushcrafty location, southern scotland?

    looking to get away in the next couple of weeks with the family: i fancy the pitlochry area, but the drive could well make that a no go. so, can anyone recommend anywhere in scotland further south with nice scenery, rivers / lakes/ mountains?
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    just got a landy!

    just got a defender 90 csw, most expensive thing i've bought off british blades! what are the best forums to visit?
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    cactus climbing gear

    shewies gaitor thread has prompted me to give you all a heads up for cactus climbing gear, the dreadnought work pants are special;) great products, super-robust, good service. look round the site:
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    water purifier advice?

    hi: sick of taking ( and often forgetting to take:( ) a bottle of water out with me for a brew when i go down the woods. what are my options for purifying stream water from a typical lowland/ woodland stream that has flowed through farmland. will only be used occasionally, but i want it...
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    swannie sizing

    i am about to buy a hooded bushirt. how are they sized? i'm a 42/44 but wont be wearing much under it, merino base probably. shoud i go l or xl? cheers!
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    heads up,cheap merino baselayer

    they've even got them in "bark". just got mine, great for the price. have a look
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    anyone use a dog?

    does anyone use their dog for bushcraft?I went out today and my dog caught a squirrel and a rabbit, which i'll use to feed her, and it got me thinking: my beddy/whippet (small lurcher) is a worker, and if i stay out long enough usually catches something edible: she's more reliable than snaring...
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    firesteel tips needed

    just got a firesteel off andy: how do you get the sparks to catch? couldn't get the paper in the stove to light, so how easy are they to use for real? im no fool, but how do you ensure the sparks ignite something? It just seems to me it'd be far easier to carry a lighter or matches. Either im...
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    laap pukko- which one?

    after reading the posts on here i'm going to buy a puukko style knife, but which one: the one off attleborough accessories seems the cheapest, but i've got a budget of round £30-£40, and want a nice looking,durable knife. any advice: the all look the same! tregor have some nice knives for more...