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    Survival course

    Hi, I'm looking for a hardcore survival course being hosted somewhere in the South East UK that covers the basics of survival. Something with escape and evasion too would be amazing, but guess that is just hoping for too much! Something along the lines of bugging out without kit to give you an...
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    New torch advise

    I'm looking for a new torch that will provide the best light output for approx £35 that is around 6" long with a tail push button. It's intended purpose is for airsofting (a bit like paintball) room clearing, and it needs to light some big rooms & very long corridors. Ideally 1 setting for a...
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    Best tent pegs...

    Hi After camping out last weekend, I managed to bend every tent peg I had, the ground just seemed to be 2" of soil & grass tipped over a solid concrete carpark !! I've straigthened them all out today, and notice as they are a mixed bag from numerous tents that some are different in design...
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    New torch advise

    Hi, Been on a quest to find the right torch for my keyring for a while, and looking for some advise on my next purchase. I've currently got a Lenser p3, it's a bit on the large size for a keyring, but it has a great light output and I wouldn't sacfrifice output for size. Whilst the Lenser is...
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    Want a good new keyring torch, recommendations please :)

    Hello again, Been away a while, but am back for some more kit advise :) I'm looking for a new keyring torch, the last ones I have owned were a maglite solitare (pretty usesless IMO) and for the last year or so a cheaper plastic LED pencil torch that has been fairly decent, especially for the...
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    Where to get a good compression bag?

    Hi all, and a happy new year ! So I'm looking for a new compressions bag. I've been using a standard ziplock bag, but over time it loses it's compression, so I'm looking for something more sturdy, around A4 size, preferably a touch larger. Any advise on where to get 1? Thanks in advance Paul :)
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    Avoiding becomming a victim....

    Hi, Not really a 'bushcraft' type thing, but it is a kind of 'survival' type issue..... Not sure if anyone else gets this, (I'm sure we all do at some time), but in the wrong time and place, I sometimes feel there is something about my body language, mannerisims, posture and / or...
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    Free baccy tins, who wants them?

    Hi, I've given away over 100 of these in the past, and I've got another 11 tins that are free if you cover the price of postage. Postage costs are: £3 = 2 tins £4 = 3 tins £5 = 4 tins PM me if you want some.......
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    Superdry wind-cheater jacket, experiences please

    Hi, I'm considering one of the above, but after trying one on, had a real hard time doing up the zip. I know they a a slim fit, but is the zip a common problem on these coats, or was this a 1 off problem. Apart from that, the coat seems a great functional jacket. Thanks for your thoughts
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    WTB Mini toothpaste, where from??

    Hi I'd like to buy some of the mini toothpastes you sometimes see in hotels. Any brand would do, anyone know where I can buy / trade for some? Thanks in advance Paul
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    The tobacco tins are on me!

    Hiya I've given away over 100(!) of these in the past, and have just got another 30 odd, which seem a shame to just throw away, as I know someone can make good use of them. The cost of these is £0.00 I just ask you cover the p&p costs, which due to their size is: 2 tins = £2.50 3...
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    Long sleeve top with padded elbows / chest for comfortable crawling

    Hi Looking for a new top that is padded on the front for crawling through undergrowth when playing airsoft. My elbows always find rocks and thorns, and a little padding would go a long way. Something neutral colors or camo prefered, and if possible, something that is waterproof on the front...
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    Which lightweight cord for a tarp??

    Hey peps, I've got miles (!) of para cord, but I'm looking for something that packs smaller, that still has good strength, and is lighter in weight. What type of cord should I get, and any online stores stocking it? Thanks for the help Paul
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    Got a few more 'Free' tobaco tins if anyone's interested?

    Hi peeps, I've done some routing around, and found another 6 tobaco tins that I'll give away for free, and you pay the postage. I also have a 'Billabong' tin that's a bit bigger too if anyone wants it? I had a load of these last year (90+) that went VERY quickly (seems we all have a use for...
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    Camping near Brands hatch?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a (cheap) campsite near to the circuit, as I need to be at the track by 7:30 AM, so I'd better spend the night before near by. Otherwise I need to get up at 4:00 AM!!! Thanks for the help, Paul
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    Are there free litter pick available in the UK?

    Hi I've been taking part in the Keep Britian Tidy's campaign with 'The big clean up', and I find it quiet disgusting at how much litter is being thrown out of cars along our quiet country lanes. I have recieved some free litter bags from them, but it seems I have to buy the litter picks...
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    How to close a fly tipping hot spot?

    Hi, Wondering if anyone could offer me some advise. There is a pull in near me that used to be used for storing road laying gravel, this was maybe 13 years or so ago now. Since then it's become a site for fly tipping, burning of stolen cars, illegal dumping of hazardous materials, lunch...
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    Dyeing clothes questions

    Hey, I've got a few bits of clothing (wool, cotton and hessian) I'd like to dye green. Personally I've never dyed anything before, but have a friend who said he dyed some bits years ago and it turned out quiet well. He said he added the dye into the washing machein, then once dyed they...
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    Basha, tin, zippos, pouch & tin....

    Hi, Thanks to all who have traded in the past, here's a few other bits I'd like to swap Selection of lighters and cases Zippo style lighters (x2), one on the right has a 'Trans Am' and pheonix emblem, used but both in working order. Harley Davidson zippo style empty case, used Alien...
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    WTB 3 litre water carrier with tap

    Looking for a 2.5 or 3 litre camelback type of water carrier, that has a tap instead of a drinking tube, that I can hang up and pour water from without the risk of spilling any. One that will slid into a backpack, so preferably not a square one. Thanks for the help