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    Sleepcell sleeping bag reduced in asda

    Hello everyone. Just thought i'd post a little heads up as Asda are selling the sleepcell sleeping bags for £13 there normally around £30 and it was mainly due to the length and the centre zip that i wanted one to try in my hammock.
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    Rare bog spider found at Wester Moss reserve

    A rare bog sun-jumper spider has been discovered at a nature reserve near Stirling. The tiny creature - which has distinctive fluorescent green legs and mouthparts - has only been recorded at three other places in the UK. An ecologist identified the spider during the "bio-blitz" event at...
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    Paracord bracelet and lanyard

    Hi all, I just wanted to show you something i've been having a play with. I made the keyring last night and just finished the bracelet tonight, I'm quite pleased at how they look, now i just need more colours of paracord. Has one got any suggestions as to what to try next?
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    Forest axe seconds, Heads up

    Hi all, I noticed this deal on the greenman bushcraft facebook page and thought it maybe of interest to a few folks here. No affiliation etc, just thought it was a good deal. Tom
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    DD rucksack for swaps

    Hi all, I have a DD ruckrack, brand new from the last group buy, exactly like this: The DD Pack is a basic but tough rucksack. It is 30L, a great size for a day pack or one night away. Its features include 2 side pockets, 1 front pocket and 1 sleave pocket at the back as well as the main...
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    Wanted For hammock setup 2x Carabiners.

    Hi all, As the title says, just wondering if anyone has a couple of carabiners suitable for setting up a hammock, then let me know. hopefully we can sort something out :) Cheers Tom
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    My first knife

    Hi everyone :) Thought i'd start a little thread to show you the progress that i have made on the DWC blade i got from FGYT. The scales are Laburnum from Jean at Many thanks to both FGYT and Jean, both brilliant people to order from. Please dont laugh, this is my first...
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    2 in 1 head torch from joby

    Hi all, I just spotted this Gorillatorch switchback from Joby and thought it looked quite good, its a head torch and lantern with tripod too. They advertise it as a 2 in 1 headtorch and lantern, but with the tripod as well for your camera i think that makes it a 3 in 1. think i'm gonna...
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    A Belated Hello

    Hi all, I didnt actually realise this forum was here so thought i better give myself a late introduction. I'm 25 and have always loved the outdoors, been an avid fly fisherman since i was 7 and i'm still doing it today although i have diversed and tried coarse and bait fishing along the...
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    World Challenge 2010

    Hi, My friends have managed to reach the finals of this years World challenge with his Jompy Boiler. As we all know clean drinking water is important, and we are lucky to have fairly easy access to it, however in Africa access to clean drinking water is a lot tougher and they have to boil...