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    New Program tonight: Surviving - with Chris Terrill

    New program tonight channel 5 @ 9pm . No idea who the presenter is but sounds interesting. "1/2. Part one of two. Anthropologist, film-maker and adventurer Chris Terrill travels alone with his camera to some of the most extreme environments on the planet to find out how and why people live in...
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    Lots of Berries on the trees - Harsh Winter ?

    I just heard that there are lots of berries on the trees and this means nature is storing up for a hard winter ahead. Anyone else noticed this ?
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    Has anyone got a Snugpak Special Forces Bivvi Bag ?

    Has anyone got a snugpak special forces bivvi bag, I like the look of it mainly as its light and has a 1/2 length zip. Any opinions/feedback, how roomy is it (I'm 6' and 44 chest) and also how does it perform in the wet ? Thanks
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    National Geographic article on Extreme Weather Interesting article on the extreme weather we've been seeing mainly from US point of view but also relevant here. If these overcast damp summers are here to stay and are the result of the global climate warming I think I...