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    Axes, hultafors length advice please

    What length axe do you guys carry for general duties? Doi just need one of each to be sure? Looking specifically at the 44.5cm, 52cm and 65cm lengths. Would need to do some light felling, de limbing, splitting and other general duties expected of a camping axe please...... Thanks for your...
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    Tent for motorbike camping wanted, also tips!!

    Hi there, I've a bit of a road trip planned for late August to Silverstone on the motorbike to watch the MotoGP. I'm in need of suggestions for a tent for myself, although there are three of us going we are bringing one each as we all want our own space. I'd like something with a porch/living...
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    Forum knife?

    I enjoy reading this forum and a couple of others, usually sharp and shiny thing related. There have been a couple of Forum knives organised of the folding flavour, would there be any interest in a fixed blade forum knife for BCUK? Any makers prepared to take on the task? It wouldn't have to...
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    eBay Gems??

    Anyone care to share links to their favourite eBay items? Army surplus tents, fleeces, jackets, smocks and suchlike stuff? Anything really, as long as it's related to the forum in some way!!!
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    West Texas Photography

    Enjoy Sent to me by a friend in Florida of all places :)