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  1. J

    Sleeping and bivi advice

    Hi All, I'm after a new sleeping bag as my mountain warehouse summit 300xl is just proving too big for my aspiring tarp, bag, mat and bivi setup. The reason I chose the summit xl was tge size as I am 6'1" and 19st so I am after something with plenty of room around the shoulders and 3 season...
  2. J

    A Few Hours Out - Finally

    Hi Guys, My first proper post so forgive me if it quite short. I finally found some 'me' time and spend some time outside now that it's stopped raining. There is a reservoir not far from my house that I've not been to since I was a kid so yesterday I thought I’d go for a quick walk and see if...
  3. J

    DD XL Tarp Modification

    Hi guys, Im looking to add a couple of small loops on the underside of my tarp, these will be used primarily to run another ridgeline to hang stuff from and to tie up my moz net as it currently hangs from my sls and its abit close for my liking. Anyone got any ideas on how to do this without...
  4. J

    Hammock - Single Line Suspension

    Hi Guys, Am hoping that someone can help. I have been looking at the single line suspension mod for my DD Frontline and was wondering what the difference between Amsteel 2.5mm and 3mm Dyneema cord (apart from the 0.5 mm). Is the Dyneema cord a suitable replacement? as this seems to be alot...
  5. J

    DD Hammocks - Frontline Vs Travel

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy a hammock, have narrowed it down to either the DD Frontline or Travel. I like the idea of being able to peg the travel out and use as a bivvi but have heard that the fabric is not as breathable as the frontline. I'm abit of a sweater so not sure if the Travel material...
  6. J

    Cooking Kit Help

    Hi guys, Finally got all the kit need to make my hobo stove (pics to follow) but am at a cross road as to which mess kit to buy. Choices are: 1. 12cm Zebra Billy - Durable and speaks for it self really. 2. Hi Gear Backpack 2 Cookset - Light and will have one tin for cooking and one for...