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    Uniqlo Heat Tech????? HI all, been ages since i logged on lol everythings changed!!!! Anyway came by this product on the highstreet, apparantly it's a brill peice of heat retaining and GENERATING base layer tech..... anyone tried it yet? any reviews?
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    Heads Up £180 Craghopper Gtx Jacket i got one fo these, and they are superb
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    Just saw dawn of the dead

    ever thought about a Post-Apocalyptic situation? and how your bushcrafting skills will help you out? check out this
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    Canon d10

    Has anyone tried the Canon powershot range of G7,9 and 10s? These are ment to be halfway between compact cameras and slr cams, they can apprantly take SLR quality pics but without the size. Anyone used one?
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    Spending spree???

    I don't think i'm alone here in saying that i've been spending quite alot of money in the last month on "bargans" from 50% sales on craghopper's website and taking advantage of the current economic climate. I think i've spent over my yearly bush budget already, considering that it's only januray...
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    The Perfect Bush Watch!!!

    Was talking with some friends about what the perfect bush watch would be like, and what comes close to it in the current day market. We came up with: Digital Compass Thermometer Accurate time keeping of course GPS Shock proof/ scratch proof Waterproof Robust strap Lights up...
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    Mozzy solution????

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    A Mozzy Solution???

    was looking around when i came across this!!! Was wondering if anyone here has come across this product? used it or heard abour it? Looks like a god send for me, since them...
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    modern day fabric question

    As some of yo might know i've been looking for a all year round jacket for bushcraftig in the woods. And i;m sure you are all more experienced then me in what jackts are great and what are not. My Problem is goretex and eVent fabrics, and whether they are fire retardent, i wudn;t want to...
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    Hi all, been looking endlessly at a sea of outdoor jackets. Every time i find one i like i see something else i like also. Been looking esp at the craghoppers explorer gtx, which has no reviews ANYWHERE, and of course the montane superfly. I looking for something to wear for eveyday use...
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    Great Buying exp I thought i'd give you guys and girls a heads up on this great website. Brougt a snugpak elite 3 softie form them, at the cheapest price i could find anywhere. ONly to be called up to say they...
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    Dodgy Hatchet??????

    Hi all, I brought a £10 hatchet today at the local DIY shop. The hatchet says made in sweden and says suitable for hunting and fishing. However!! after later inspection, i found that the axe head was attached to the shaft with what seems like wax???? the Top part of the hatchet where the...
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    The Natural toothbrush

    recently i have come across a natural toothbrush called the Miswak or sewak I myself am trying one out, and others had told me that they are great for your oral hygein.
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    A bit embarassing but here goes.... I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but whenever i go outdoors for a few days my hands become raw and dry. I'm guessing proberly from doing the washing in ice cold streams and exposing them to extreme heat over the fire??? anyway, i know the girls...
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    Wooden spoon

    In the middle of making spoons, one from beach and he other from pine. just wondering what type of oil would be best to seal it? bearing in mind i'd liek to use it once in a while
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    protecting stainless steel billy can

    I keep reading how open fires destroy billy cans. I heard the only way to protect them is to cover the outside with a soap powder and water paste before cooking with it. However i've NEVER come across soap powder!(lack of household duties hehehe). However all i found at home was soda...
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    Inverness to Cannich???

    Hi, sorry got a trip to Glen Affric but cant get any further by coach then to inverness. Does anyone know how easy it is to hitch hike a ride there from inverness? or maybe the local bus timetable...? ANy help is much appricieated
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    Silver Needles

    For alkl of you who love to eat wild and foraging berrys, a silver needle could be a life saver for some of you. Silver needles were used by the Chinese to check for poison and toxic substances. In ancient China eunuchs would insert silver needles into the food before it weas served to the...
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    Leder-Gris or Nikwax

    HI, sorry to bother you people again. As you now know i have a pair of Aletberg Warrior Aquas with symptex lining, I'm now stuck on how to maintain the boot, the leaflet inside said leder-gris but from other people's advice is that this product will reduce the breatability of the product...
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    reviews on mosquito hammocks?