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    Hi all Currently trying to plan out a two week camping/backpacking holiday in Switzerland in the last/first weeks of June/July. Right now all we have is 2-3 nights in Geneva (in a hotel - this is the "relaxing" part of the holiday) at the beginning, and flying out of Zurich at the end...
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    A few interesting finds while out walking..

    Those spirits look really cool...general question though - is that harmful to the tree at all?
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    How could this be better

    I'm no connoisseur of fine art or anything, but for me the problem is those two rocks in the top-left corner. Looks like they're facing each other, drawing my eye up to the gap between them (or the pillar of water behind them) so I find it hard to pay much attention to the rest of that nice...
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    Very not bushcraft.

    This. I've got a good idea in my head what they sound like, but any chance of a pic? My parents have some great ones that sound just like it, as did my grandmother. I'd be interested if nobody else is, I hate "modern" cutlery - it's all thick, ugly shapes and blunter than a pair of slippers...
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    Is it worth it buying a cheap hand axe?

    I've bought myself a clunky "Hercules" brand Hatchet, says 1.5lb on the side but feels a bit heavier. It was £10 at my local hardware shop, and I bought it purely to learn how to sharpen (and, if successful, use) an axe without screwing up an expensive one. (Isn't going well so far, watch this...
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    What's this stuff in my trunk?

    Durr so it was resin after all. Thanks all for clearing that up anyway. Thanks for the tip Toddy. Although there's only a thimbleful there I'd be mighty interested in the experiment. How can I store/preserve it?
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    What's this stuff in my trunk?

    Hi all, would appreciate a bit of help identifying what the stuff in below picture is. It's probably obvious to a knowledgeable person but I'm still a complete layman when it comes to trees. This is from spruce pine - I'd just started recycling my Christmas tree into spoons, stripping off the...
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    Coping with knots?

    Thanks for the replies everybody. What I'm working on right now is plain ol' spoons. When I started, I made up my mind to try something new and make a flat, thin handle (I usuall end up doing chunky round ones which I like just fine, wanted to increase my skill though). However as I whittled...
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    Is this spalted birch?

    Really nice work, well done. I posted some birch spoon pics recently asking the same question and folks here consensed(is that a word?) that they had some spalting. But with mine, there were moss-green "veins" (as Mesquite described) running through it. I agree with the suggestions here that...
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    Coping with knots?

    Well, I was wondering if anybody had any advice/tricks to share about dealing quickly with the knots in wood that you just don't want to be there. I'm conscious that generally it's better to work with the wood you got that against it, but what if you need to go straight through a knot for the...
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    Carved elm salad spoons

    Good job, really nice wood.
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    Keeping wood "green"?

    Lol leaving it outside seems so obvious I'm kicking myself. Thanks chaps.
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    What is your favourite UK legal carry bushcraft knife?

    I love my SAK Hiker. Really didn't expect to ever need scissors or a corkscrew, and so far I haven't been wrong about that. For your 'camp activities' prerequisite, basically any SAK with the saw on it. They are VICIOUS, can generall rip it through anything in no time at all. I've cut through...
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    Keeping wood "green"?

    Hi all Salavged some really nice bits of wood from the forest floor today, but won't be able to work on them for a few days. Is there an easy way to keep them from drying without them festering? I'm sure I read a similar thread on this not so long ago, so if anybody wants to just direct me...
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    Some spoonage

    Really nice utensils; I can only aspire to do work as neat as that in my future efforts! Second from the left is my favourite, looks just the right size for this bear.
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    What I've been working on. (i.e. spoons.)

    Thanks for the replies guys. After some quick googling I think the suggestions were correct: it is spalting.
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    A day in the woods

    Hey those spice pots are rather canny, any idea where you got them?
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    Bottled beer recommendations.

    Almost anything that tesco/co-op offer in their "3-for-£5" bottled ale deals. Lately I'll pick up at least one bottle of 'Old Craft Hen' though. It's from the chaps who brew Old Speckled Hen, but 2% stronger (more bang for yer buck ;)), even nicer and without the adverts! If I ever find a pub...
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    What I've been working on. (i.e. spoons.)

    Hi all Put the saw on my SAK to good use a few weekends ago while out for a weekend stroll, salvaged a piece of fallen birch branch. Really wanted to share what I've turned it into - Spoons! These are only my second and third attempts, so I'm very pleased. (This is my first time uploading...