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    Any ounce weenies here?

    Does anyone else here hike ultralight? I've not only got my gear and shaved pounds from the big stuff like tarptent/sleepingbag/pack, but am now getting down to getting rid of the ounces. One of the reasons for this is I hike in places where I have to carry my water. How light is your baseweight?
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    Backpacker magazine's survival issue

    Don't want to start another fight, but I did think that those of you interested in the subject would like to know that the latest issue of Backpacker magazine (US publication) is themed around survival skills.
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    So there you are in the great outdoors, only to find you aren't where you thought you were. What advice do people who regularly bundu-bash have for those of us who are just starting out routefinding on our own?
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    Hope this isn't bad form

    Referencing another backpacking site, but I found this fascinating, and some of you may be interested, too. This IS survival - not bush craft, but bush canny.
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    Outdoor Ethics - Leave No Trace

    Hi, I'm new here, and it's already struck me that people are cheerfully chatting about building fires and leaving fire rings, cutting vegetation for shelters and bedding, and generally impacting their environment. Pretty much what I was used to from living in South Africa. I then made a...