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    Bear Grylls injured

    Bear has done a lot to promote.... Search and Rescue units.....we have already to many emulating his techniques and getting themselves in trouble... tying up valuable time and assets for people in need. Too bad he is hurt, maybe started to believe his own hype I wish him a speedy and...
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    Canada next year - how to keep bears away

    Good advice on bears, I wouldn't stay in designated campsites either as a lot of bears are "habituated" by the presence of humans. Bear canisters are a very good idea and they can be fitted with packing harnesses. As far as having a can of bear spray for your wife...well she followed you that...
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    Is it an urban myth?

    When ever you heat/cook in a sealed container it is best to release any possible pressure build up by puncturing the can with your can opener in 2 places. This will vent out any pressure, as far as "cooking" in the container itself use a proper pot, too much thermal inter reaction with the...
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    I should have got permission to forage!

    Toadflax, find out who the ladt was and get a dozen roses, whether you get permission or not just a jesture
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    Just What You Can Carry On Your Back

    PHG, just south of Gogama, on the edge of the bush.
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    Just What You Can Carry On Your Back

    PHG, I'm from just south of the Arctic water shed in Ontario.
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    Just What You Can Carry On Your Back

    PaleoHunterGatherer.... I win the bet :) :cool: Bet my bro that you were from or near TO Thanks and Merry Christmass
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    alone in the woods

    Mend and repair, plan out the morrow, sit by the fire and dream, listen to some music, read, listen to the night and watch the stars, remember.
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    Wolves In Scotland.....

    We have literally thousands of wolves in Kanata, and i can't even think of become scared of going out and being attacked (1 credible wolf/human kill in over a hundred years, even then it was in a wolf pen) by wolves. Much more likely attacked by feral dogs than anything else, though bears are...
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    Stupid idea or fun - survival weekend?

    The last time I got "stranded and in trouble" I was 80 miles as the crow flies in the bush or 150miles by tote road. The first thing I did was get down on my knees and thank Creator for giving the extra few days in the bush, then got up and started back it was grand, I hope that will get lost...
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    Grohmann Bushcraft..

    I have used the Grohman #4 a lot and edge durability for bushcrafting is paramount, an edge that is configured to weak is of little value over all.
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    US woman survives canyon ordeal

    A better report: no car, she was hunting; this is a real women God bless her. {BAKER CITY, Ore. — A 76-year-old woman missing for almost two weeks in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon has been found alive, the Baker County Sheriff's Office said Thursday. Ora Doris Anderson of Sandy...
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    Turning stainless into carbon steel?

    You can always try it as it is presently, not all Stainless Steel types are of best quality and they do have some carbon content in them, the best SS have lesser percentage and are magnetic, that an easy way of testing them out. But there is no simple way other than reproducing the device in a...
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    What colours to wear when one doesn't want to disturb the wildlife

    We are conditioned to associate orange with hunters, years ago it was red, animals won't use that logic. You give animals way to much human logic whe thinking about camo, same as fishing lures what sell is most how well it looks in the store not always how the fish perceive it). Hunter gatherers...
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    Bear Buster Had No Choice

    Shewie et all, listen to Yonderer's good words, bears are fast, very fast, then the clincher they are extremely powerful. "It is absolutely impossible for a human being to outrun a bear. I was bluff charged by a grizzly a few years ago that I surprised. I couldn't have run if I'd wanted to...
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    camouflage why it works (or not) what insights do any one have on this?

    Risclean, "Zebra stripes are about disrupting shape and confusing shape among a herd - no blening with the background at all." The blending is with the herd (background) as a whole, not the bush or savanah. Camo is blending with your background, does not always have to be your environment...
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    What Do you do with Roadkill?

    Sorry for the long delay, yes, tobacco is offered to Creator, tobacco among others is also a sacred medicine for us. Also a prayer is offered
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    camouflage why it works (or not) what insights do any one have on this?

    Zebras stripes all blend together/silhouetted in a herd, the predator has to really work at identifying which animal or part is connected with which stripe ensemble to set up his attack. They all melt together, next time when you see a herd look at it from the cats point of view. If you look at...
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    Remedies for a broken hand

    Have it set right, then be active as in running, walking etc.., anything physical to get the blood flowing extra, breath well oxygenate your body, eat well feed your metabolism. It will heal but let yourself heal properly or you may have re-occuring problems later. Keep up your karate classes...
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    camouflage why it works (or not) what insights do any one have on this?

    Camoflage is the ability to blend into your surroundings, look at someone in any camo pattern from about 50-100' away..can you appreciate the pattern? It all fades or melts into a blob that can stand out darkly against the background if it is not chosen wisely. Also not assuming a human shape...