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    Preparedness, do any practise it?

    As the events, in weather and social unrest have shown in the recent past how many are actively practising preparedness, either by volonteering in civil groups or in preparing their homes and family or even just looking around for alternate routes and means to travel to work or friends or...
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    Hearing in the bush

    Along with the thread on vision how does hearing affect you in the bush? I have hearing loss, results from industrial noises, so I had to retrain my brain to hear in a different way, do listen and interpret better with what hearing ability I have. I can honestly say that I can understand what I...
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    Dental woes

    Could you "repair" a broken tooth or repack a filling when you are out and about? Given that you may be several days out before you could get medical help?
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    With all respect

    Does the Royal family have a last name? Today I have seen on the helmet tab of Prince Harry.. "Wales" Is this this his tittle or last name.
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    Handmade pack frames

    Does anybody make their own pack frames such as a "Trapper Nelson" or some such style?
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    Back from the UK

    Son has just come back from the UK today, had a wonderful time, has threatened to go back if we don't treat him good :D :You_Rock_
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    Weather in the UK?

    My son is leaving in a week for the UK, England, Scotland What should he take along as a coat/jacket? Would he be better off with an Umbrella? Thanks CG
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    Got my bike back!!!

    I got my bike out today :D It has rained enough to wash off most of the salt on the roads so you don't have to clean for 5-10 hrs to get it off. Now for riding time. :D :D :D
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    Most used knife?

    Sitting and wathching TV, slicing an apple and realized that I was using my old lunchpail (30+years) Henckles 4" paring knife that I have actually used more often than any other knife that I own. Even if it isn't the best bush knife I usually include it in my mess kit when out and about or at...
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    Off topic Roman numerals

    This is a question I have asked to many peoples and they have not given any real answer. Why is the roman numeral 4 on a clock's face written as IIII and not as IV ???? :confused:
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    Feral Dogs

    Along with the dog attack thread, do you suffer from feral (domestic dogs gone wild) dogs running around in packs? What are their effects on wildlife, domestic animal life and attacks on humans? CG :yo:
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    How many carry in their kit a mirror? What quality will suffice. A few years ago on a canoe trip one of our members had a hair in her eye and it (eye) got extremely irritated to the point they (the couple) were considering going back to town to get it out. She could not allow someone else to...
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    Of topic; but I would like to thank, Nyah:wen!!! all "Warriors", all of those who have passed away, and those presently, who have stood guard, are standing guard over us and our safety I thank you for my freedom, my life Nyah:wen!!! Lest we forget, lest we forget :You_Rock_ :beerchug:
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    Aurora Borealis

    Is the Northern Lights visible from the British Ilses? All parts?
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    Comfort food(s)

    What do you like to bring along as a favorite comfort food for those dreary days that slog you in and keep you in the tent/shelter?
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    Trail food

    Not your daily rations: but the snack food that you eat as you walk, ride, canoe along during the day in-between meals.
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    Nothing to do with bushcraft, But

    I brought in my motorcycle in for winter lube and storage, it is a beeaauutifullly sad day. Crisp air, warm sun, open road but had to do it, one of these days winter will let loose (I hope). Got to go in the bush and find a tree to talk to. :(
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    Pastimes around the campfire?

    What do like to do the most? Tell stories, carve, socialise, etc....?
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    Wood smoke sanitation?

    Has any one else used wood smoke (smudging) as a sanitation substitute when, where water was less available. Not using any poisonous woods of course, but smudging take on the use of deoderant? Till you get to a sweat lodge of course.
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    Knife handles

    I have noticed that most of the knives show on these threads has no finger guard on the bottom of the hanle/blade joint. Is it a regional style or function? I have to apply a good force to piece a hide to start the skinning process and would certainly have slid my hand up the blade if my knife...