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    Some Leather-Working Questions

    Have made a few sheaths recently and have a couple of questions to help me along the learning curve. 1) Does/can artificial sinew dye ok i.e match the leather once treated? 2) I've dyed the inside of a few sheaths to match the outer but have dye rubbing off on some of the wooden handles...
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    Problems with My First Kuksa!

    Hi all, Having succesfully managed to carve my first spoon, I thought I'd have a go at a Kuksa. Now I find I've rushed into this rather than have a good read on here especially at Robin Wood's posts. Anyway, the Kuksa is all but carved but there are three knots on the sides and bottom of the...
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    Book on Game Preparation?

    I'm sorry as this has probably been covered in some detail before but could someone recommend me a good book to help me prepare smaller game such as pigeon, pheaseant, duck and rabbit. Plucking, skinning, butchering, etc. Thanks very much. Graeme