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    Homemade Gabardine Smock

    I want to make one for myself having had heart failure at the prices of these but I'm not too sure about fabric quality. I understand that true gabardine has waterproof and breathable qualities but how do I tell true gabardine? Is this likely to be any good or am I wasting my money...
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    Tilley Hats

    What's the difference between the T3 and the T5 please and do they all come with chin straps as I can never keep a hat on my head in the wind?
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    Ticks - report them to this survey

    I spent half term (end of May) camping near Bath and when we returned home to the Isle of Wight, I discovered a tiny tick behind my daughter's ear. She'd been complaining of pain inside her ear and I saw what I initially thought was a piece of fluff behind it. Closer inspection and it proved to...
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    Coat Hanger Wire

    Been playing around with some of this in a moment of boredom tonight and made myself a toasting fork. It's left a metallic smell on my hands so I'm wondering - is there a toxic coating on coat hanger wire which may prove unpleasant if heated.
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    Update on Making This into a Usable Stove

    With a bit of help (OK a lot) from OH, this is what I've come up with. Picture of what I started with followed by the resultant vandalism. Having picked mine up in Woolies and someone else mentioend Homebase, I also saw them in Sainsbury's for a fiver yesterday. They're not as...
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    Making this into a useable stove

    I picked this up at Woolworth's this week (no vested interest in the company) Having read various things about how people have made their own hobo stoves from all sorts of things, I thought this could be adapted to make a posh version. I think, from what I've read about the ones on here...
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    Knotty problem

    What's the best knot for securing a tarp? Or for guy-ropes in general. Should I just pull the cord tightly and anchor it to the ground or is it best to set it up as a guy-rope so that it can be adjusted and tightened if necessary? I'm not good with knots (understatement) and have been known...
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    Hot stone cooking

    I've just come across this on It's made of granite Now I have a small marble chopping board and wonder if it would be up to the same task. I believe marble is more porous than granite but that's all I know. Any thoughts? Having...
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    Opinion on this tarp please

    Any good for a beginner and does it have any loops along it's spine? I can't see any.
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    Stainless Billies

    I tried to post this yesterday but think it got lost so apologies if I am repeating myself. I am after some decent stainless billy cans and the only ones I can find are on Ray Mears website. They are about £15 each. I don't like cooking with aluminium and I want to invest in something I like...
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    Roadkill rules

    I know the laws about not collecting roadkill you've hit yourself although you can pick up the creature the guy in front has dispatched with his front bumper. Are the laws any different about roadkill in Scotland? I'm specifically thinking about deer. I frequently pass dead deer on...