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    tri glide buckle wanted

    Can anyone tell me were i can get hold of two 25 mm metal tri glide buckles for hammock strap ajustment as i cant seem get any in metal only plastic thank you paul..
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    Possible thirteenth hammock group buy

    Could you also put me on the list for one on the next group buy thanks a lot..
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    Army machete wanted .

    Can anyone tell me were i can hold of a british army machete near wigan without paying the earth for. thanks a lot...
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    swedish army trangia gas conversion.

    Has any of you used gas with your sa. trangia and if so could you tell what methods you used . thanks . paul
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    engine paint on a barbeque.

    Thanks for all the info now i can get the job done for the summer .paul
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    engine paint on a barbeque.

    Can anyone tell me if it is safe to use engine paint on your barbeque because i can get a small amount mixed at a local car paint shop in a few colours. thanks a lot paul...
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    swedish stainless trangia wanted.

    Thanks for all the info ,military mart on ebay is just 20 minutes from me i will take a trip down and get one. thanks again Paul ..
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    swedish stainless trangia wanted.

    Does anyone know were i can get hold of a swedish army trangia in stainless steel,i have been trying around but cant seem to find one . thanks a lot paul.
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    Charity shop bargain.

    Today i baught what i think is mod issue sleeka softie type coat from a local charity shop,I heard that snugpac dont make them for the army anymore and they are made in china to save on cost , are these coats any lesser quality than snugpac versions but for 3 quid i cant complain.I have worn it...
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    Help with cleaning arctic bag

    I have just got an army arctic bag and want know if i can wash it in a normal washing machine without loosing the quality,
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    Limited Hammock Group Buy

    Do you know if you will be getting any more hammocks and nets for a sale in the near future thanks a lot Paul.
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    My Perfect Stove Kit.

    Hello wayland. you have made a great job of your but i wonder was it hard to cut and drill. thanks a lot Paul.
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    Fourth Underblanket Group Buy

    Thanks for organising this group buy arrived monday before 8.00 looks just the job thanks a lot
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    Bergan side pouches

    Thank you all on bcuk for the good info , i have managed to get an all arms bergen with side pouches for 10.60 all in on ebayagain thank you Paul...
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    stainless steel army trangia

    Hello all, does anyone know were the stainless steel version of the army trangia is available at the moment . thanks a lot paul....
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    Local bushcraft sites

    Thanks for that Andy I will get on to rangerman for some more info.I may get a chance to put up my hammock up at bispam hall at the end of the month if my wife comes along to share tent with my son as he is only in the beavers.Once again thanks a lot mate . Paul.
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    Local bushcraft sites

    Do any of you people out there know of any good sites to use our hammocks in lancashire, perhaps close to wigan, I have got the woods near me but would like to go further affield .Any help would be welcome thanks a lot Paul....
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    Bergan side pouches

    thanks a lot phil .have been looking at them they look good...Paul..
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    Bergan side pouches

    I have just baught a 100 ltr dpm bergan and wonder if anyone out there has some side pouches spare for sale. thanks a lot Paul...
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    Fourth Underblanket Group Buy

    put me down for one of these mate