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    Aluminium Budweiser Bottles

    Mine had them in the 'seasonal' isle rather than the beer isle. It was £1.
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    Aluminium Budweiser Bottles

    Let's face it, more money was spent by Bud on the can than the beer anyway :) This will form my first ever alcohol stove, so any guidance would be most welcome. Can someone point me to some good instructions for a similar kind of can?
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    ongoing Tentipi issues

    Interesting stuff this. Hadn't seen this thread before. I have absolutely no idea which materials my Varrie uses. But it was purchased from Caspar at around the time of the problems. I've certainly had the peg rings snap on me (two so far), and I have plastic guy tensioners. But the materials...
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    Bushmoot 2009 - THANK YOU!

    We had a fantastic time too. We took it much easier than last year so I've come back feeling chilled rather than last time where balancing workshops with childcare and sleep left me spent. Thanks to everyone involved - I've no idea how you make it seem so informal and relaxed, yet jam packed...
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    Bushmoot - Children

    Yes there were a lot of wasps - especially around beer cans! The moot clashes with something for us this year (a friends 40th mountain biking holiday), so we're trying to decide which one to go to. Hopefully the moot wont have sold out if that's the one we go for. Anyway - the moot is great and...
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    Feedback for Quilts. Please.

    I agree that a bit longer is good - at the moment it almost folds open when the lip of the flap is forced (if you see what I mean). I can't really see a downside except a tad more weight.
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    Feedback for Quilts. Please.

    I know what you mean Ian. Have you put a post in the original group buy thread? Everyone who bought will be subscribed to that thread and may get an email. That might help. They may not be aware of this thread.
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    BCUK Bushmoot 2008

    Wow - what an amazing event. Such a friendly and supportive environment to learn in. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share skills and knowledge with me. It simultaneously managed to be really fun, relaxed and wonderfully well organised - a testament to Tony and the crew's efforts and...
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    Feedback for Quilts. Please.

    It's taken me this long to use my quilt, but I have to say it's the best thing ever! I know it's summer and warm, but I can't believe how long I've been suffering using restrictive sleeping bags. For this first test I was using it on the ground with a thermarest underneath me and a really thin...
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    which lavvu should I buy

    Someone mentioned seeing tentipis in the flesh. If you can't get to the moot (mine'll be there at least), Proadventure in Llangollen have one on display and also rent (with a refund if you buy). In the end I got mine from Caspar at Nordic Outdoor who I can thoroughly recommend.
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    which lavvu should I buy

    Nice tent Chris I was inspecting SOAR's and PJMCBear's Bison tents when we were all together at the Delamere meet. I'd just received my Tentipi Varrie 9cp at the time and was interested. Basically, there are differences, but it's impossible to quantify them as £600 worth of differences. I...
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    Fourdog Titanium Stove - initial thoughts

    It's just under 8Kg (17.6lb) including everything shown above. (for a tent which is roughly 3.1m height) The firebox itself is 5.5kg. The internal depth is 52cm (20.5") Making it burn fast and slow seemed easy, but it was the creosote build-up which I wasn't expecting. I suspect I was burning...
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    Fourdog Titanium Stove - initial thoughts

    If anyone is following this thread looking for some stove tips, then there has a been a bit of discussion on the SoTP forums here... Any further tips on heating / shutting down and child guards is very welcome. Cheers Alex
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    Stove options for tents - a compilation

    Hi all I've just posted my initial thoughts on the fourdog here... Cheers Alex
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    Fourdog Titanium Stove - initial thoughts

    Hi all Well I fired up my Fourdog stove for the first time on Friday and was impressed. As a complete beginner I managed to get 6 hours out of a handful of logs (not enough to fill the stove). The stove is a Fourdog Ultra Light II with side shelf (warming tray), extra pipe, spark arrester...
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    Tentipi spares

    Nice one - for what it's worth, Caspar at Nordic Outdoor has sorted me out with spares with no charge before too. But then again, that's where I bought the tent from.
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    Stove options for tents - a compilation

    Well I've received my stove at last. A Fourdog Titanium Ultra-light II with folding legs. It took about 3 months to arrive from ordering but it looks good. I'll fire her up in the tipi this weekend and report back. The weight is really impressive though!
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    Who's going to the Moot?

    I'll be there along with my wife, Sara and 2 children, Niall and Jonas. First time at the moot. Just been to the Delamere meets before now. Really looking forward to it! Cheers Alex
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    Next Delamere.

    Just tuned in to see whether there was a meet coming up - sorry to hear that it's in doubt. Just adding my name to the list of interested parties :)
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    Middlewood Scout Camp Meet

    Sounds like you all had a great time. Sorry to miss it. I ended up working a 32 hour weekend instead :( Hope your knee gets better soon Soar! Any pictures yet?