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  1. janso


    Evening all, Anyone in this parish a kilt wearer? Avid Cornish tartan wearer for functions like the obligatory wedding and am very fond of wearing them more so day to day and at work. I've seen the 5.11 ones and the price they ask; can anyone offer up where to find a good functional kilt...
  2. janso

    Maxpedition travel tray

    Morning all, Looking to purchase an original maxpedition travel tray in black (not the newer version) please folks. In good condition or better would be nice. Don't have anything for trade but happy to pay cost price and postage. Thanks in advance folks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. janso

    Jetboil Genesis Seen this earlier having heard about it off another forum, expedition portal, anyone seen it in the flesh, used it, etc? Looks good and usual jetboil standard but for car camping, day vans maybe? Sent from my hidey hole using Tapatalk... sssh!
  4. janso

    Kelly kettles

    Afternoon folks! Out of interest, do we have a discount supplier for Kelly kettles? Looking to purchase no more than a 1 lt unit and more than likely a stainless version unless anyone would like to contribute how they get on with anodised?? Thanks all, J Sent from my hidey hole using...
  5. janso

    WANTED: DD frontline OR travel hammock

    Evening folks, I am after either of the above if anyone has got one they're not using please. In nearly new condition with the attached stuff sack (not that they work!) would be amazing! Need to get another for a family member by the end of the month and thought I'd ask before buying straight...
  6. janso

    TD empty some of your messages!!!

    As above mate; cheers muchly! Sent from my hidey hole using Tapatalk... sssh!
  7. janso

    5.11 aggressor parka???

    Folks, Does anyone have one of those über expensive jackets please? Debating on one for the winter and as it's from the US of A, was wondering if the US Medium fits like a UK Large or is it the other way round!!
  8. janso

    Down beanies anyone?

    Folks, Seen this on massdrop; may be of appeal to forum users?? Anyone who watches the 'Shug' videos on hammocking via YouTube may have seen them! Anyway, I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on one and the more that get involved, the cheaper the price... If this is the wrong area for posting...
  9. janso

    Pathfinder SS canteen

    Folks, Has anyone got one of the above? Not the klean kanteen type but the other canteen style? If so, does it fit in a crusader or 58 pattern metal mug? This has been bugging me for awhile now and thought I'd share it here instead of emailing Hennie or the Bushcraft Store for an answer...
  10. janso

    Oiling climbing metalware?

    Evening folks, Coming up to 6 monthly inspection date for all rigging kit, lifting kit and climbing PPE and I'm debating the use of good old WD40 for cleaning threads, bearings, etc. I'm of the opinion that a dry PTFE lubricant may be better for industrial, dusty, dirty use but welcome...
  11. janso

    Karrimor SF Predator utility pouch L in TAN!

    Evening folks, After the above please if there's one out and about. Looking for the TAN as I'm into matching a uniform color on my predator 45 daysack! PM if you have or know of one please. Many thanks, J
  12. janso

    First clear out on the forum - ADDED ITEMS FOR SALE!!

    Evening folks, Have edited my post for items now sold; if you see something here, pm an offer!! Not all items are bushy related, but offered to forum users before going elsewhere or recycled. All prices include PayPal charges and postage, pm me if you have a serious offer in mind please...
  13. janso

    UK Hammocks

    Evening folks, Am I right in thinking They have a forum member? Trying to make contact with them over an order. Thanks all, J Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. janso

    UK Hanmocks

    Morning folks, Anyone know if UK hammocks are still alive? Put a small order in on mon or ties and haven't heard about delivery yet? Sent from my hidey hole using Tapatalk... sssh!
  15. janso

    Bushcraft TV installed

    Spare time on a Sunday night with a broken, donated washing machine, spanners and screwdriver As seen all over YouTube, a definite part of the garden furniture! Sent from my hidey hole using Tapatalk... sssh!
  16. janso


    Folks, Dwelled on this a few times and still not convinced yet to their versatility if going to ground but.... Wouldn't want to pay the earth and am concerned with pack weight for a top quilt and bottom quilt.... Thoughts? I know down is smaller bulk and hugely better for insulation, but due...
  17. janso

    The Knowledge and The Fenix!!

    Sent from my hidey hole using Tapatalk... sssh!
  18. janso

    ICE details in IOS 8 Apple iPhone

    Taken from another forum, thought this may be of use to forum members. I think I've seen a few queries about ICE details before. Hope it helps! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. janso

    Birmingham NEC, Emergency Services Show 2014

    Folks, I'm here for two days exhibiting with DART International and SARAID; if anyone wants any info from up here post up! Plenty of stalls from survival aids, led lenser and a few other notable 'bushy' ones. Sent from my hidey hole using Tapatalk... sssh!
  20. janso

    Support needed for a new disaster response charity please!

    Evening folks, An unashamed plug for a new disaster charity recently launched at this years Arb Show for tree surgeons and foresters. Please pass on the word to friends and family for support please; for those of you who would like to know more, feel...