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  1. zeon98

    Anyone have any dehydrated meal recipes

    Hi all. Getting a dehydrator tomorrow to make some quick meals for out and about and for quick dinners at home. If anyone has any recipes that I could use or ideas to share I would be greatful. Thanks all.
  2. zeon98

    20% off Andrew James vacuum sealer, dehydrator etc

    If you sign up to Andrew James website today you get a 20% discount code. Might be worth a look if you want a vacuum sealer or dehydrator.
  3. zeon98

    Dehydrated meal packs.

    Been looking at starting a small company making high quality dehydrated meals. Do you think I could sell something like that? And if so how much per meal do you think i could sell them?
  4. zeon98

    Foraging a balanced meal

    Hi all, I'm in Essex. I would like to forage a small meal. I would like to be able to find protein and carbohydrates. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I understand not to rush out and start eating stuff so dont worry that I'm going to do this without lots of research and checking first...
  5. zeon98

    Hotlock safari 6 help.

    Hi all. Anyone used one of these before. I thought they locked interesting and have picked one up cheap but have no idea how it works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's like this one on eBay but doesn't have any pots in it...
  6. zeon98

    Inflatable canoe advice.

    Hi all. I'm a little over whelmed. I would like a two person canoe to go up and down a canal. We weight 24 stone together and would be good if we could take a small amount of kit also. If I could get something under £150 I'd be happy. Any thoughts would be greatly received. Thank you.
  7. zeon98

    Frontier stove or similar

    Hi all. I'd like a stove for heating and cooking in a British army 12 x 12 tent. Any advice weeks be greatly received. Seems like the frontier stove is the way forward. Thanks in advance.
  8. zeon98

    Tent that I can use with a small log burner.

    I'm looking for something to use in the winter. Any one have any ideas. I've heard people using the polish poncho teepee tent and putting the flue out out the arm hole. Thanks in advance.
  9. zeon98

    Bought powdered water flavor. How can I store it once open?

    The packets I have are 250 grams. Never going to use a whole one on a trip and thought on the best way to store the powder? Thanks for reading
  10. zeon98

    Powder to flavor water.

    I'm looking for something like orange squash but in a powder form so it's easy to keep in my kit. Any ideas? Thanks for reading.
  11. zeon98

    Powder to flavor water.

  12. zeon98

    Guide to edible plants in the UK (Essex Area)

    Hi all can anyone recommend a good book on edible plants for me to use. Give me something to look out for when im walking. Maybe something quite basic don't want to be chancing stuff im not sure about. Thanks for reading.
  13. zeon98

    How to change username?

    How do i cange my nickname here please?
  14. zeon98

    Tv programs or films to watch?

    Anyone have any recommendations for survival type or bushy related tv series or dvds? Thanks for reading.
  15. zeon98

    Tv programs or films to watch?

  16. zeon98

    Safety on Dartmoor if you have never been before.

    I have been thinking about doing a walk on Dartmoor for a while now. As much as I would love just to dive in, I do hesitate as I have been told it's not for the beginner. I have good walking and camping experience and have been up against so real tough times. Yet I have always had the fall back...
  17. zeon98

    Us military evacuation bag

    Anyone used one of these for a sleeping bag. Thinking about buying one.
  18. zeon98

    Bought a gelert DS elite 2 man tent.

    Anyone had one of these before? Payed 40 pounds hoping that the cheap cost doesn't mean its going to be rubbish!
  19. zeon98

    Hornchurch, romford Essex.

    Would anyone be interested in a local walk then a beer in this kind of area in the future?
  20. zeon98

    newbie to real camping help

    i used to camp as a kid, cant find places like i used to as a scout would anyone have any suggestions for quite places?