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  1. Dark_Lighter

    What to do with.....excess chillies

    Hi everyone. Does any one have any good tips for things to do with excess chillies. I have about 3 kg's of them here. I'm ideally after making chilli mash like this but i cant find a recipe for long-term storage (i.e. not in a fridge) All other creative and delicious suggestions welcome (p.s...
  2. Dark_Lighter

    Plant I.D. help needed.

    Hello. I wonder if any of you bright people can I.D. this plant for me, as i have no idea what it is? It's about 5 ft long and its stem is about 2" in diameter at its base. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Dark_Lighter

    Hi from Plymouth!

    Thought it was about time i finally registered and said howdy, so Hi! I've been visiting this site for around a year or two and thought it was time i gave myself a voice. I have a bit of previous experience mainly in survival skills rather than bush craft. but am looking to improve my over...