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  1. cronos

    Parachute up for trade

    Ex Military Medium Drop Parachute At the end of March I will be in the position to get rid of the above item. Olive green in colour There are a few minor holes in it, but apart from them it still makes a good overhead shelter to carryout instruction in. The picture, although not the best...
  2. cronos

    Sharpen my hook knife

    OK here goes the bone question. How do I maintain and sharpen my hook knife, is there a special sharpening tool or is it a matter of choice? I have been using a kitchen knife sharpening rod (Ouch!!! I can hear from all those who are at one with steel), but all it seems to do is take the edge of...
  3. cronos

    English Longbow Courses

    This may interrest someone here. Longbow making course 2007 Cronos
  4. cronos

    Tick Problem

    OK I no the season is almost over now, but “to be for warned is to be for armed”. Out in Germany, especially were I am we have an infestation on deer tick. So the question is, are there any natural remedies that repel tick from sinking their little jaws in? Cheers Cronos
  5. cronos

    Tribe - Bruce Parry

    Did anyone see Tribe today on UKTV Documentary? This was the first time I have ever seen it and anything with Bruce Parry. What a fantastic programme. Ray Mear's maybe good when it comes to Bushcraft, but Bruce Parry is the bad boy when it comes to getting close to a culture and learning about...
  6. cronos

    Attleborough Accessories

    Just found this place and I was wandering if anyone has had any dealings with these guys? I was looking at getting some blades from them, but I would like to know if anyone has used their services? Is they quality and prices any good or sould I shop around more? Cronos
  7. cronos


    I was looking through some old reference material and I found a reference to “Birdlime” being made from Holly. I am aware what birdlime is, but how is it made from the inner bark of Holly? The reference that i had gave no details. Cheers guys Cronos
  8. cronos


    I all not sure what to expect or how to get involved, looks like there is a hell of a lot of interest and experience here. I hope that I can learn from you all. Cheers Cronos