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  1. GrahamD

    Swedish Carving Techniques

    Hi all, First post since BCUK has been back up, surpirsed myself how much I missed it :-) I agree with everything Dave says, wonderful course, wonderful poeple (after you forgive the one guy who snored - and I mean snored - Dave navigated his way at night a few hundred yards by this guy...
  2. GrahamD

    Most bizzaere use of Bushcraft on Mothering Sunday????

    Just used my Bushcraft tools to cut down the wife's flowers so that they could fit in a vase - only problem that the stems were soooo tough a knife wouldn't do (Proteas stems) ; Got the Bushcraft gear out and used the folding saw in the kitchen - job sorted in ten seconds :lol: Anyone...
  3. GrahamD

    Room for one more??

    Great forum, can I share your fire? Been interested in Bushcraft for years, great to have the opportunity to listen, talk and grow my experience. Regards, Graham D.