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  1. Reverend Graham

    Bushcrafting on a shoestring

    I don't know if anyone has done a thread like this, but I've been meaning to do something like this for a good while. I'm retired now and have no out going other than food and utility bills, not well off, but comfortable. I've bought quite a few bits and pieces from China, tarps, hammocks...
  2. Reverend Graham

    Bamileke bone carving

    Picked this up today for £15, 5" high, carved from hippo bone in the Cameroon, another addition to the carving collection. Thought some of you guys might like it too. Rev G
  3. Reverend Graham

    Drinkable Book

    Worth a watch. Rev G
  4. Reverend Graham

    MacGyver it.

    Talking to some 20 something year olds the other day about Bushcrafting, and said, " Some times you just have to MacGyver it ", blank stares, I felt OLD having to explain who he was :) Rev G
  5. Reverend Graham

    skinning permit

    I was talking to a local goat farmer a few weeks ago, he mentioned 'skinning permit' for farm animals, but didn't know where or anything about it. Does any one here have any info about this or has he mistaken this for a slaughter house permit ? Rev G
  6. Reverend Graham

    Reclamation wood burner and old range

    Came across theses at a local reclamation yard, they are asking £450 for the wood burner and £1200 for the range, pity I haven't the room :) Rev G
  7. Reverend Graham

    Baofeng UV-5RA help

    I've been given a Baofeng UV-5RA by a friend who didn't know how to set it up, well neither do I, but would like to know how, is there any one in the Lincolnshire area that can show me how to do it, or is there a REALY simple guide ? Rev G
  8. Reverend Graham

    Dave Budd blade, scales and wood sheath by Rev G

    First off, sorry about the quality of the photos. I got the blade off Dave at the BushMoot this year, and wanted to do something 'original' with it, so the scale are in a lovely red coloured yew tree that was felled from a church in nearby Louth, the colouring comes from the nails that have...
  9. Reverend Graham

    Thailand for the Winter

    Pink Sally and I are planning a trip from mid Jan to the end of Feb to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand ( very few sex tourists in the Northern Borders, alot quieter ) spending most of the time in the hilltribe villages, working on some new skills. Is any one else going to be in the CM area ...
  10. Reverend Graham

    Possible free knifes for restoration or modding

    I've been given a load of old knives ( filleting, kitchen and others ) about 15 in total, would any one like me to bring them to the moot ? Handles would soon knock off for re-handling, don't know if we can mod the blades at the Moot, but its something else to do. Rev G
  11. Reverend Graham

    Humber Bridge meet up, Sat 13th July, (South Bank)

    I know it's short notice, but, I'm going to collect some flint for the Bush Moot this Saturday, any one want to meet up for a wander and a brew of tea/coffee ? I'll be parking up at the Waterside Road Car Park in Barton-upon-Humber about 10 am, walking west along the Humber Bank to a small...
  12. Reverend Graham

    Canadian Cedar scales

    I've been given some Canadian Cedar, I know its soft ( but smells great ), is there any way to 'toughen' it up to use as knife scales ? as the grain is beautiful. Rev G
  13. Reverend Graham

    one refurbished stove + lastest knife finished (well nearly)

    Picked up an old Harper stove from a car boot sale for a couple of quid, stripped and cleaned it, new wick and mica screen, quite happy with it, using BBQ lighter fuel in it to keep the smell down. kicks out some heat, planning on using it in the lavvu in the winter. Peanut butter jar for scale...
  14. Reverend Graham

    ebay lavvu

    Found this on ebay, Bison Lavvu, no import duty, seems a good price. Any feedback could help me make up my mind. Rev G
  15. Reverend Graham

    peak 1 400 stove service

    Does any of the collective have an idiots guide on how to service a peak 1 400 stove. Just found my old one, it hasn't been struck up for at least 10 years, thought I'd try and service it, before firing it up. Rev G
  16. Reverend Graham

    Cleaning ally bottles

    I've been given a aluminium military water bottle, the out side is ok, so is the seal, but the inside has white pitting/growths, which I assume is oxidization. How do you safely clean the inside ? or should I cut it up an use it for something else ? Rev G
  17. Reverend Graham

    Any one into snuff ?

    I'm talking about powdered snuff, not the films :) Been a snuffer for quite a few years, and wondered if there are others on here ? My favorites at the moment are: Willson of Sharrows' Dr J.R. Justice or Chief Quality Red Bull. If you have a fav, let me know, I'm always up to try the...
  18. Reverend Graham

    Wooden KFS + racing spoons

    My latest bit of whittling, Oak knife, Cherry fork, Maple spoon + 2 Yew racing spoons. Rev G
  19. Reverend Graham

    I'm interested, but !

    I'm interested, but, I'm just getting over a year of deep depression, and I'm not very good in crowds or stranger yet, is there any one else who's suffered this and been to the moot, can they let me know if this is a safe place ( no I don't want fixing, just to be treat like others ) and can you...
  20. Reverend Graham

    Plucking up the courage to show you guys my efforts.

    So, I've been round here a little while, and decided to show some of the knives I've made and restored/modded. Seeing other peoples work was quite intimidating, such good work, but, we all have to start some where :) Rev G