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  1. 5teep

    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    Just had the lid of my vacuum chamber go all starry with micro cracks while using WR90N from Jatagan. Does anyone know if cactus juice or a.n.other resin is less chemically aggressive?
  2. 5teep

    Hardwood for turning.

    So I've taken up wood turning because why not? and now I'm looking for sources for wood to turn. I've bought a fair bit off eBay, some very nice pieces and I can wander around in the local woods looking for deadfall etc. but does anyone know of/use an online supplier? eBay is fine but you can't...
  3. 5teep

    Short notice travelling - trousers?

    I am increasingly asked by work to travel to jobs on overnighters at quite short notice and I'd like to find some trousers that I can roll up or fold up that will look decent when unpacked. The idea being to keep a bag handy that I can just throw in the van and go. I know Irons are often...
  4. 5teep

    Refugee from BB

    Please don't deport me :)