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  1. Grey Owl

    Rat Root Rendezvous

    23-25 August 2013 A casual event open to all interested lovers of the outdoors. Typical attendees would include guides, outfitters, outdoor educators, bushcraft instructors, flint knappers, former and future students of Mors Kochanski, and a couple of stray dogs. The agenda is always...
  2. Grey Owl

    Help finding a thread

    A few years ago there was a thread featuring photos and descriptions of a winter trip in either Sweden or Norway. The course participants appeared to be military and there were several shots of the emergency shelters that were constructed by the participants. After having tried multiple...
  3. Grey Owl

    Rat Root Rendezvous

    Rat Root Rendezvous This year's Rat Root Rendezvous is scheduled for August 26-28. We will be canoeing/kayaking on Chip Lake sometime over the weekend. Other activities will likely be centred around the Karamat site where the Mors Kochanski courses typically run. From Edmonton: Highway...
  4. Grey Owl

    Paddling with the Little One

    Just thought I would share with you folks a few of our recent outings with the littlest family member. [/URL][/IMG] The front of canoe is a favourite location for spotting bugs, fish, and moose. Or the occasional beaver dam. Watching the big people drag the canoe over the top...
  5. Grey Owl

    Learning to Post Photos

    Bear with me as I experiment. If it does not work, feel free to help out. If it does work, feel free to laugh!
  6. Grey Owl

    Tent Making with Ventile

    For some time now I have been considering making a canvas hottent for use on snowshoe treks here in Canada. Finding a lite-weight canvas has been the sticky point. Having investigated the website for ventile it appears that tents have been manufactured using the material. Here are the...
  7. Grey Owl

    Calling the Canadians/Canadiens

    For some time I have been wondering how many Canadians wander the electronic trails of BCUK and thinking that we really should get to know each other a little better. We most likely have more than a country in common and perhaps this will eventually lead to some actual activities and outings...
  8. Grey Owl

    Northern Lights

    Greetings Over the past couple of years I have observed some phenomenal displays of the aurora, however, try as I might I have not been able to record this with my camera. Currently I am using a Nikon D200 and have access to a wide range of manual and AF lenses. It seems that the digital...
  9. Grey Owl

    Mini Containers - What did you do?

    Curious as to how people made use of the these items that were purchased on Group Buy a few months ago. From the original post "It is basically a small cylinder (approx 38mm long x 12mm diameter) machined from aluminium, with a rubber o-ring to waterproof. Please see the following...
  10. Grey Owl

    Aboriginal Films Website

    There is a new web service that many members of this forum would likely enjoy. Inuit filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk and his co-producer Norman Cohn,(created The Fast Runner) have launched a new public service venture to encourage the sharing of aboriginal films around the world. Online you...