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  1. stonehippo

    5:11 Rush 12

    No problem. Let me have your PayPal details.
  2. stonehippo

    5:11 Rush 12

    Yes please. I will take this.
  3. stonehippo

    This week I will be mostly making ladles...

    I thought the title said ladies! Imagine my disappointment.
  4. stonehippo

    Quote of the Day. No Discussions or Comments please.

    A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on. Samuel Goldwyn​
  5. stonehippo

    Quote of the Day. No Discussions or Comments please.

    When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Yogi Berra
  6. stonehippo

    Random - Non Sequitur Game.

    Talking balls could be an evolutionary imperative.
  7. stonehippo

    Random - Non Sequitur Game.

    I worked with a guy who came from Sweden. We used to drive him nuts by insisting that he came from 'Flatpackistan'.
  8. stonehippo

    Two Rules for success - and Other Observations

    There are two kinds of people; those that finish what they started.........
  9. stonehippo

    Magnum Amazon Boots

    Finally someone with the same sized feet as me!
  10. stonehippo

    Polish Lavvu - black, large size

    Ill take this if still available.
  11. stonehippo

    strange worm

    Mongolian death worm. Run away very quickly.
  12. stonehippo

    Your #1 Best 'Get Fit' Tip?

    Use the buddy system. Working out regularly with someone helps with motivation. The thought of letting someone down will get you out when you really don't want to go.
  13. stonehippo

    Mora Classic 1 & 2 and Mora Carving Knives

    Put me down for the carving knives.
  14. stonehippo

    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    Many thanks for organising this
  15. stonehippo

    Fish Whacker

    Worst rolling pin I've ever seen.
  16. stonehippo

    Do you ever get a song in your head that comes out of yesteryear?

    In our house we call them 'ear worms'.