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  1. Calurix

    The Gardens Of The British Working Class - Margaret Willes

    Hi, Has anyone read the book mentioned in the title? I would like to buy a copy of the book but at the price it would be beneficial to know if it is recommended. If the homestead is the wrong location please move this post (I was Swithering between here and other chatter) Regards, Calurix
  2. Calurix

    Speyside way advice wanted

    Hi Everyone, I'm intending on walking the Speyside way (South to North) on the third week in April. I have never done a long distance walk before and would appreciate any info anyone has about this walk or undertaking a long distance walk. I will be walking on my own and am intending taking a...
  3. Calurix

    NE Scotland wild camp and maybe a munro advice

    Hi All, I've got a half weekend free (Sat afternoon and all Sunday) I want to go wild camping and have a walk. I am thinking about Glenmore, Rothiemurchus area. I think the munros might be a bit hardcore for me at this time of year (I have no ice axe, crampons etc). Any ideas where I...
  4. Calurix

    Weekend in Caledonian pine forest

    Got the chance to get away for a couple of days for a walk in the Rothiemurchus, Glenmore area. Here was my base camp with the tarp I got on the group buy, It was great for cooking space and somewhere to sit out in the evening. I decided to take a circular route via Loch Morlich over to...
  5. Calurix

    Do you have a Vango trek mat or Alpkit dirtbag ?.

    I'm looking to getting a sleeping mat. Until now I have always used a closed cell mat. Has anyone used either of the mats in the title ?. Are they any good ?. Will they be suitable for using with a hammock ?. Regards, Calurix
  6. Calurix

    Deer or Sheep ?

    Tracking is not something I have tried before, I was in an area that contains deer but, I saw sheep about a half mile earlier. any ideas ?. Regards, Calurix
  7. Calurix

    Campsite recomendations in Moray,East Highland and Aberdeenshire?

    Hi all, My Son and I are going to go camping on Friday (25th), I am looking for a campsite that you could recomend in the Moray, East Highland and Aberdeenshire areas. This will be the first time that it has just been the two of us and Son is not to sure about wild camping (hence the...
  8. Calurix

    999 text service

    Today 19/11/2010 there was an article that was giving information about an emergency text service where if you needed help/ assistance and had poor signal a text message might get through. The service (I think) was set up initially for people with speech or hearing difficulties. I've...
  9. Calurix

    Bulrush storing toxins

    I was watching Wild Britain and R. Mears ate the immature heads and later used the pollen from Bulrush. After a search on the forum I found this . Would pollen be safe from Bulrush in a filter bed or will the whole plant be contaminated ?
  10. Calurix

    Firesteel Adventures

    Ok I know the title is more glamorous than what I have been up to but, I've been having a great time over the last week. It all started with a post I put up asking for advice as all I could light was cotton wool. True to form plenty of members took the time to give info on methods of lighting...
  11. Calurix

    Firesteel advice wanted

    I have had a firesteel for a while but never used it until this week and now I find I have two problems :(. 1. All I can get to light is cotton wool. I watched a few clips on the internet which seem to light all maner of tinder easily, what tinder should I try apart from cotton wool ?. 2...
  12. Calurix

    Pic test

    testing pic
  13. Calurix

    First spoon attempt

    Hi, After looking at the great work so many of you produce I decided to have a go. I carved this spoon and tried to put a relief ivy pattern on it. Thanks for looking, Cal
  14. Calurix

    Grabbing a crab

    Hi all, I'm looking to go clinking for crabs at low tide where I stay. I've heard tales from some of the locals that all i need is to make a curve from a coat hanger and attach it to a broom handle then, just poke around in the nooks and crannies at the rocks still in the water at low...
  15. Calurix


    Hi, Quick intro, I used to wild camp when I was younger, wanting to go back out and have found an appreciation for whittiling and carving so I thought it was time to join bushcraftuk and contribute to the forum with a Hi and say thanks for all the info that has been posted here. Regards...