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    Cyclists, bikers and cars!

    Interesting thread: I drive and cycle, live in area frequented by a lot of road cyclists due to the quiet roads.... The behavior of club cyclists can be infuriating: 3/4 abreast, in a large groupe, travelling at 20 mph, on fast two lane counrty lanes makes it very hard to pass. Even a couple of...
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    Buffalo sleeping bags

    I have got a set in medium - any good to you?
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    DD 3x3 pyramid tent setup

    Great video! thanks!
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    Lakes Weekend

    I've stayed at that campsite in february, the showers and toilets were all frozen ( I was in a nice warm caravan ;) though) It's a great place, nice and quiet, and a good location. Thanks for reminding me of it! Good trip report btw.
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    Waxing an old Fjallraven Thin jacket

    +1 for not bothering with the wax! imo for waterproofing it's a waste of time, go the grangers etc route. The wax does seem to improve wind / weather resistance though, obviously at the price of breathability.
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    5 Days Hiking

    great thread. Good to see someone getting out from behind the computer! Props for toughing the blisters out.
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    Buffalo double pile lake test

    @ John Fenna; were you the guy fom the original buffalo ad? If so you're an absolulte outdoor ledgend!!! I've still got the buffalo shirt and superbag i bought on the strength of that ad in 1992!
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    Snugpak Pertex sleeping bag liner

    I'll have it if it's still availiable!
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    What's all this about? YDS boots

    AS a firefighter i've worn the Goliath fireboots for 5 yrs or so, with no problems, and have just been issued the side zip steel tog boots for daily wear. they seem to be pretty good, comfy out the box, and some lads have had them over a year with no signs of wear ( bear in mind they have an...
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    New fjallraven numbers overpriced!?!

    I've got the longs and the shorts. I'd be amazed if anyone makes better (tougher) trousers. if you're on fb look them up:
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    Various Items - Hats, GPS, Rohan

    I'll have the filson hat if it's availiable! pp?
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    Anyone tried these Pods or this campsite ?

    I've stayed at grizedale a few times a year for the last four or five years. It's a superb site,my favourite in the lakes, primarily due to the owner, Arthur, a farmer who had diversified and is always friendly and helpful, and the fact he allows open fires. The pods are excellent, please dont...
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    XL Buffalo 4s inner and/or outer

    I've got a 4s outer and inner, but they're lg iirc. If you're over 6ft / 14.5st you'de be pushing it. let me know if they're any good to you.
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    Lots of knives!

    i'll have the french knife please!
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    Hands only CPR

    i think the new ad, and the hands free protocol is superb. most of the people i know would be unwilling / reluctant to perform 'mouth to mouth' cpr. There no real excuse for not wanting to give chest compressions. It's not rocket science, plus the ad's caught people's attention across the...
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    Bimble around Silverdale

    great pics. 3 is such a nice age. my lads 8 now, still loves going out, and still asks for (and gets) a walking stick every time we go out. make the most of it before computer games and friends get a hold!
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    Nice things for sale!

    sorry mate, i'll have to pull out of buying the tnf hoody. I'd had a few last night......
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    Nice things for sale!

    fleece hoody please.
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    items for sale to fund a purchase

    hip flask please.
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    Best 4x4 for rural / remote living - UK

    some good answers, and some terrible ones. defenders are ok. pretty good offroad, but terrible ( comparatively) on it, with too reliabilty and build qualty issues. if money were no option it's got to be the g wagen. better off road than almost anything else, super build quality, and good on...