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  1. Riven

    NATO Brass Button Compass damage?

    That is a shame and as Corso says they are pretty bombproof. My question is where is the rest of it?
  2. Riven

    Entry Level Machetes - Other Makes

    Can't beat a golok imo. Strong and built to last. I have had this one for over 30 years and dug it out for this pic. Nothing fancy just does it's job well.
  3. Riven

    Emergency grab bag with toddler

    I suppose a more important question would be where are we all going to run to?
  4. Riven

    What did you buy today?

    Russian made monocular 8x30 for £1.95 from a charity shop.
  5. Riven

    Fray Bentos pie tins

    Fray bentos pies always remind me of a friend who would always take one when we went fishing or camping as kids. He died a couple of years ago and as a touch of nostalgia I bought and cooked one. How the hell he used to eat that crxp I don't know, but it did make me smile. It seems to me the tin...
  6. Riven

    Huckleberry Finn Rafting In Sweden- Looking for Raft Buddies.

    This was taken in 2007 when we camped next to the Klaralven with a raft near the bank. Beautiful countryside all around and a nice slow way to see it on a raft. A local caught a large pike, smoked it in camp and gave some to us, very boney but tasty. Well worth a visit. Riven.
  7. Riven

    Pi££ Poor Preperation

    They should be up for a Darwin Award.
  8. Riven

    7.7 quake

    A bit of movement going on then a friend of mine reported one in Izmir, Turkey earlier today.
  9. Riven

    Wanted, Alox woodsman

    I would remove your address buddy.
  10. Riven

    Compass Give Away

    Ant/Riven Cheers.
  11. Riven

    Recommend me a good precision compass.

    How about a Cammenga 3H. Accurate and bombproof.
  12. Riven

    For Sale Casström and E. Jonsson knives

    Arrived today robs, many thanks. Riven.
  13. Riven

    For Sale Casström and E. Jonsson knives

    I will take the bog knife Rob.
  14. Riven

    Lacking outdoor skills

    The invention of the pop up tent with no pegs needed has really helped in street camping for sure. Anyway I am sure the good people of Westminster will find it in their hearts to help them out.
  15. Riven

    North American arrowheads

    Charleston is all I have to go on. My father went over with a mining safety company to the coalfields.
  16. Riven

    North American arrowheads

    Thanks guys, it's a shame they can't talk. What a history they have had.
  17. Riven

    North American arrowheads

    These have just come into my possession and where found by my father 50 years ago whilst working in West Virginia for a few months. He died a long time ago and all I know is that he found them in the fields of a farm he was invited to shoot on. They really peaked my interest as a kid and would...
  18. Riven

    Magnetic North

    Now I do find this topic very interesting, compass geek that I am.
  19. Riven

    Magnetic North

    But Janne the south is sinking at the same time. A kind of seesaw motion.
  20. Riven

    USAF pilot knife restoration

    I used mine for breaking open crab claws to get to the meat.