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  1. Philster

    Carrick Loop/ Bowline alternative - Tutorial

    So it's essentially a bowline, just the final step goes somewhere different?
  2. Philster

    Hunka vs British Army bivi bag

    Honestly, the bivi could save your life. Why cut corners to save a few grammes? The current issue MTP bivy is big, breathable and not heavy - worst come to worst you can hunker down inside it. Do yourself a favour and get the army one - leave a few unnecessary items behind if trying to save...
  3. Philster

    BLO and lacquer?

    Once its cured you can lacquer over it - I've made a fair few guitars and most had oil to bring out the figure then multiple coats of lacquer with no problems. Hope this helps Phil
  4. Philster

    Down bag disaster!

    I've used iron-on nylon repair stuff off ebay to repair a jacket - did a great job and no hassle.
  5. Philster

    For Sale Bivi bag wanted

    I've got a Brit Army olive one with the wide opening if you want it? £25 posted to you? Cheers Phil
  6. Philster

    For Sale Tarps, a sleeping bag and a Jerven

    Go on, I'll take the Carinthia bag - Paypal sent! Phil
  7. Philster

    For Sale Tarps, a sleeping bag and a Jerven

    I'd like the DD tarp if I can? Will PM you. Cheers Phil
  8. Philster

    Polish poncho/laavu

    There doesn't seem to be a 100% correct answer but I always have the cape inside when using it as a tent - never failed on me!
  9. Philster

    Sold Arktis Patrol Pack DPM

    Hi, I;m interested - could you put up some pics. What sort of capacity is it? Cheers Phil
  10. Philster

    Alpkit brukit cooking advice

    Mike - I have a Highlander copy of the Jetboil, it's been fantastic and trouble free! To heat boil-in-the-bag meal I just cram them in the pot, cover with water and bring to the boil then simmer for a minute or two. Fast, easy and water left over to make a brew - eat the meal out of the foil...
  11. Philster

    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    Website should read, your link doesn't work. Looking forward to this group buy! Phil
  12. Philster

    Day Out The view from the bivi

    Glad it worked out well for you, Scott :) Phil
  13. Philster

    British Army Modular Sleeping Bag!

    Yeah, I really struggle with liners. Normally end up rolled up in it and panicking in the middle of the night :)
  14. Philster

    British Army Modular Sleeping Bag!

    Yes, the zips are offset for maximum warmth, but also maximum hassle. The US modular system all integrates at the zips so one zip opens all three pieces in one go. I've found you don't need to zip up the inner bag on the UK one, make sit easier to use. And honestly I never really need both bags...
  15. Philster

    Bivi alterations?

    My pleasure, I got a new one for £29 off Ebay. Bargain! :)
  16. Philster

    Bivi alterations?

    Scott I have one of the latest issue MTP army bivi's, they are huge. Added a zip down the side to make life easy and it's fantastic! A cheap solution - if you have a family member who can sew on a zip for you :) Or you could take it to the local seamstress? Hope this helps, Phil
  17. Philster

    US M51 Wool Shirt

    Yes, it's not a long shirt but I quite like that as it's not a base layer. The arms are just right for me - I'd certainly have bought a larger size if they were still available (and I've looked!!!) but this was much larger than I was expecting.
  18. Philster

    US M51 Wool Shirt

    Here you go...