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  1. crowman

    antarctic pulk sled for sale on ebay

    found this on ebay 130916798992 looks like a good pulk the chap selling it has three of these for sale. sorry if ive posted this in the wrong place .
  2. crowman


    Has anyone googled "ultra ever dry" theirs a video of it on you tube im going to spray my tractor with it but you can spray gloves coats tarps boots and pretty much anything looks good stuff and easy to apply just two different coats. Its worth watching the video it looks like good stuff and...
  3. crowman

    no need to remove myself from the forum

    sorry guys i didnt make myself clearer in the last thread and should of mentioned why i wanted to leave but my old computer was being rubbbish, i wanted to change my emailadress and tried to re register and it wouldnt let me i have know learnt from drew dunn respect that it is actualy easier...
  4. crowman

    ALDI glow in the dark torches

    ALDI are selling small 9 led torches that also glow in the dark these they were selling for halloween but are now getting rid of them for 48p each their a good little bright torch with 9 led's in and handy to find in the dark as they glow in the dark . not sure ive posted this in the right...
  5. crowman

    fire starting tip

    struggled at weekend to get fire going in the snow and ice discovered plucking a duck and pheasents feathers into the fire got it going a treat