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    Leather ''ZIPPO'' lighter Pouch?

    There’s been a fair few up for sale on here. I bought one a few years ago from a maker on here and it’s great. Might be worth a search in the makers market section.
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    Olive green gabardine SAS smock

    It’s got a CG number rather than an NSN so I suspect it’s a private purchase rather than issue
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    Olive green gabardine SAS smock

    The slotted buttons suggests mid 90s onwards. I had one like it but sold it as it wasn’t being used. I’ve seen similar (last digit change) NSN’s for woodland, desert and a reed type camouflage, I think they were a private manufacturer but to MOD spec. I’m not current with issue kit so may be...
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    Olive green gabardine SAS smock

    It’s worth noting that until recently, as well as the issued smock there where a number of companies that made smocks, each claiming to be lighter, faster drying, stronger etc. These private purchase smocks would often be offered in far more colours than issue DPM. Now the issue kit is...
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    Olive green gabardine SAS smock

    The Windproof smock was manufactured in green until the late 60s when the DPM version became available. Green was issued and used until much later in special forces circles though, as soldiers hung on to their old smocks as a badge of service or until QM’s had used up their stock.
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    Are lifetime batteries any good?

    Timpsons do test the pressure etc. ex con policy is nice but it’s convenience for me, Timpsons seem to be everywhere I’ve worked.
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    Are lifetime batteries any good?

    I’ve have batteries last 2+ years and some that barely last 9 months, it’s hit or miss with those small batteries.
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    Are lifetime batteries any good?

    I have the timpsons lifetime one. batteries are the standard type but they replace them free of charge. If my memory serves me right it was £10 or so for a one off or £15 for the lifetime deal. I’ve had 3 new batteries so have already saved money. wildgoose tip: take a photo of the...
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    Infantry Style watch ?

    I think the timex would be a better punt than the eBay one
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    Infantry Style watch ?

    Do you mean the CWC G10? Or something else? I’ve got a G10 from the 80s which is a nice watch, it’s a pretty straight forward watch and solid enough. timex, lumus and others make military style watches that are perhaps a bit more modern.
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    Most of my mates in the private sector have them. They may not have got a job through them but their pages were definitely checked out by their future employers. a bit like a teenager not having Instagram, if an potential employer asks it’s nice to have one.
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    Snugpak Blanket

    Seconded. For the size of the bag it’s a well worth it and very versatile. I have one for unexpected stays at work and have found it very useful. I am 6’2 and can get away with the standard, but for regular use the bigger one may be better.
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    Just another day at work....

    Very nice. I bet the kids love that place
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    Tiny EDC pouch/organiser

    Niton 999 do pouches for police and ambulance crews, decent quality too, I’m sure they’ll have something suitable.
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    WW2 axe discovery

    Absolutely. In wartime they wouldn’t have the choice of pattern, they’d get whatever was available.
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    WW2 axe discovery

    The axe pictured was the type generally issued to fire crews, ARP rescue etc The crescent shape is the “crash axe” fitted on planes (including commercial jets) But that said in wartime I imagine an “axe is an axe” and there would have been numerous patterns in use. They were used up until the...
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    WW2 axe discovery

    Nice find. I have a 1942 Elwell with the same handle but with the crescent shaped blade. Other than a quick brush I haven’t cleaned it so I’ll be interested to see how well it cleans up.
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    My latest sewing projects

    Sounds like a dream job. Great looking kit too
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    Bonfire causes asthma attack be aware!

    Glad the outcome was positive, must have been very scary. my new neighbours frequently burn wet foliage, wrecked our summer as we couldn’t hang out clothes and had to have all the windows closed. Luckily no medical emergencies but unpleasant all the same.
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    Sold Last batch of Serratas ever...Part Two...

    Ah there they are. Great work.