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  1. gowersponger

    wanted ,CONDOR TOOL AND KNIFES, cash waiting

    as title iam looking for condor knifes cash waiting :cool: pm me
  2. gowersponger

    a few bits for sale

    Fire steel with bullet shell handle £6.50. All in one camo army issue waterproof suit unissued worn once SOLD . Lovely Natural Catapult with single tbg bands £12. Squirrel caller flextone £10. Pistol holster made by viper £7. All include postage.
  3. gowersponger

    opinel,mora,bowie £25

    carbon opinel no.8 used condition as you can see has patina on the blade. carbon mora has patina on he blade ,it was left in my fishing box :rolleyes:. brand new Columbian bowie knife very sharp , the silver strips on the handle are metal with a metal pommel. £25 for all three to your door .
  4. gowersponger

    knifes,goretex, torches,filofax,plus more

    original filo fax £11.........gortex issue jacket size 170/100 ,large,£ sleeping bag liner,large, with the two paracord bracelets £8 posted.......cudeman bush craft knife olive scales 440c very sharp£20.......piggyback set of bowie knifes by cudeman £19..... army tactical vest £14 ...
  5. gowersponger

    polymathproducts compact survival kit ,quickvid,.

    They also offer £1 of for bcuk members :cool:.
  6. gowersponger

    lots of bits for trade , looking for condor knives and kelly style kettle

    I am looking to get more condor knives and tools in my collection I am also after a Kelly type kettle ,may be interested in other sharps drop me a pm all the bits are also up for cash offers :). the bowie are made by cudeman , the gortex issue jacket is size 170/100 ,quite a biglarge. the...
  7. gowersponger

    WANTED ,any condor knifes and tools

    iam looking to bump up my collection of condor tools , I have lots to offer let me know what you got drop me a pm :cool:. I have an array of things to offer inc co2 pistols ,air rifles, knifes, edc kit ,torches, clothing ,camping gear, self defence or hikeing sticks ,. ,even things like xbox or...
  8. gowersponger

    survival kit ,clothes, scanner ,etc

    army desert camo vest loads of pockets plus internal storage condition like new £17 posted. army wool jumper shoulder and elbow patches condition like new size 112cm about a medium,small "£11 posted radio scanner selling on amazon for £195 box is abit worn scanner its self great condition ,£45...
  9. gowersponger

    cornsnake as pet ???

    my 2 boys are wanting a corn snake and since they mentioned it to me iam thinking its a good idear to :o the missus isn't :red:. any way we can get round her lol. have any of you folk any experience ?? many thanks . iam hopeing I can have a viv with a heat mat under it and a office style lamp...
  10. gowersponger

    mora 106 or 120. where can i buy one ?

    iam after a mora 106 or 120 and cant find one anywhere every website ive looked on is sold out can any help :confused:. thanks
  11. gowersponger

    assault vest,bowie knifes,wooljumper, looking for back pack or ghille kettle

    assault vest loads of pockets inc internal ones condition is like new. cudeman bowie knifes new. wool jumper with shoulder and elbow pads worn once size medium/small. looking for a day pack ,backpack, and a ghille kettle or similar .
  12. gowersponger

    quick video of my new hultafors classic axe

    let me know if any of you folk use this axe and what you think of it .
  13. gowersponger

    quick video of my first spoon iam happy with it and it was fun to make :o
  14. gowersponger

    wood burning stove in a council house ??

    does any one know if you can install a wood burning stove in a council house ? cheers
  15. gowersponger

    VARIOUS BITS FOR SALE ,knifes and kit.

    job lot of opinels no.12no.5 no.4 no2 all new never used £24 inc first class posting SOLD. antler and various bufflo horn caps along with some other bits as you can see in the first pic the big bit has a chip out of it £10 incfirstclass SOLD piggy back set of bowie knifes made by cudeman hair...
  16. gowersponger

    cheese burgers in the woods for my young son hope a few people on this forum enjoy the vid :).cheers.
  17. gowersponger

    thought i may as well post this ,xmas presents for me and my boy. thought some of you may enjoy this cheers :).
  18. gowersponger

    short video of me and my boy cooking burgers in the woods
  19. gowersponger

    swap handheld scanner for decent axe ,gb or hultafors

    I have a top of the range handheld scanner iam looking to swap for a gb wildlife hatchet . the scanner is selling on amazon for £195 check out forsale section for photos cheers. maybe intrested in outher hatchets axes .
  20. gowersponger

    bits and bobs for sale including a great HANDHELD SCANNER

    This is a professional handheld scanner. Uniden bearcat 280/xlt. the scanner itself is in excellent condition my dad only used it a few times and ive only ever used it to listen to the town security and cctv rooms. the box is a bit tatty from storage. currently selling on amazon for £195 so £70...