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  1. gowersponger

    Knives and a few bits

    ill take the peasnt cheers bud
  2. gowersponger

    wanted ,CONDOR TOOL AND KNIFES, cash waiting

    as title iam looking for condor knifes cash waiting :cool: pm me
  3. gowersponger

    Gator At The Beach

    wow man great photo I went through the everglades when I was a kid , I will always thank my parents for that what a great place.
  4. gowersponger

    Swotty's super sale! PRICE REDUCTIONS

    SUPER SALE ?? your selling the condor bushlore £2 cheaper than a shop ? lol . good luck
  5. gowersponger

    a few bits for sale

    dpm suit now sold
  6. gowersponger

    a few bits for sale

    it defently gets them chatting back to you check out some youtube vids
  7. gowersponger

    a few bits for sale

    Fire steel with bullet shell handle £6.50. All in one camo army issue waterproof suit unissued worn once SOLD . Lovely Natural Catapult with single tbg bands £12. Squirrel caller flextone £10. Pistol holster made by viper £7. All include postage.
  8. gowersponger

    opinel,mora,bowie £25

    SPF, sorry mod posted this in swaps not for sale :rolleyes:
  9. gowersponger

    opinel,mora,bowie £25

    carbon opinel no.8 used condition as you can see has patina on the blade. carbon mora has patina on he blade ,it was left in my fishing box :rolleyes:. brand new Columbian bowie knife very sharp , the silver strips on the handle are metal with a metal pommel. £25 for all three to your door .
  10. gowersponger

    Marmot Eiger 45L Rucksack / carabiners / Knife

    knife please pm sent
  11. gowersponger

    Regular South Wales meets?

    ive not been there for about a 16 months I always take a couple of bags of wood with me . when I was there last they was working on a new path down in to the main part of the woodland and the mud wasn't to bad . ted the old boy that meets you as you go in is a nice fella last time I was there he...
  12. gowersponger

    lots of bits for trade , looking for condor knives and kelly style kettle

    Jacket, jumper,bushcraft knife, hatchett and multi tool , now sold
  13. gowersponger

    knifes,goretex, torches,filofax,plus more

    bushcraft knife and torches now SOLD
  14. gowersponger

    knifes,goretex, torches,filofax,plus more

    goretex jacket and wool jumper now sold .
  15. gowersponger

    knifes,goretex, torches,filofax,plus more

    do you mean the polychloroprene ? . this is goretex pal .
  16. gowersponger

    Is this bird young or ill?

    I have a bad feeling you may be right , the weather is random so is uk now such a shame
  17. gowersponger

    Is this bird young or ill?

    lovely photo mate although it makes me sad. a lot of birds are confused by the freak weather we had
  18. gowersponger

    knifes,goretex, torches,filofax,plus more

    also got a gerber suspension multi tool and a bulls eye hatchet . if any one collects pellet guns let me know ive got a couple old ones here . also iam looking for condor knifes and tools
  19. gowersponger

    Parachute shelter

    hi mate try the army surplus shop in hernebay ,kent, ive seen one in there before they have two shops one in Canterbury and the hernebay one
  20. gowersponger

    knifes,goretex, torches,filofax,plus more

    £55 FOR THE WHOLE JOB LOT . bargain I think just the Filofax is £30 new lol