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  1. Sherwood

    First basket

    I made my first basket today:cool:, i'm pretty pleased with the results, although it looks nothing like the 'shopping style basket' I had in mind:lmao:. As its only small , my daughter took a liking to it and has already claimed it:rolleyes: ..... I picked up a bin-liner full of cane from...
  2. Sherwood

    Crosscut saw boot find

    I managed to pick this up at the car boot this morning..(the saw not the trailer:p) its 3 feet long, the handles are full of woodworm holes, and at some point it looks like someone has tried to modify it, so it could be used in the same configuration as a bow saw, with a crude cut out in each...
  3. Sherwood

    Snugpack Stratosphere bivi bag

    As the thread title says, SNUGPAK STRATOSPHERE HOOPED BIVI info- Stratosphere Bivvi Shelter, A waterproof / breathable one person Bivvi Shelter which includes lightweight aluminium poles create a self supporting canopy around the head and shoulders which allows increased breathe ability and...
  4. Sherwood

    Honey Stove with upgrade

    Honey stove with the Hive upgrade SOLD honey stove has slight panel discolouration/soot from use, the hive upgrade panels are like new, as they've never been used! with both bags.. Delivered to your door for £35 (includes Royal Mail Recorded Delivery) paypal as gift or you pay fees please...
  5. Sherwood

    mega kit clearout

    For sale, several more items to help fund keeping my van on the road...all items include cost of recorded postage to your door:) paypal as gift/owed please or please add fees for first dibs via thread 1) Kitbag- used but ok £5 2) Trousers - mil-tec size L (unfortunately too...
  6. Sherwood

    More books for sale

    Three Ray Mears books up for grabs, all in excellent condition- firstly, Ray Mears Wild Food £10 SOLD second, Ray Mears Outdoor Survival Handbook £9 SOLD third, Ray Mears Essential Bushcraft £10 SOLD All prices include recorded postage payment by paypal...
  7. Sherwood

    Books for sale

    First up is this one by Hugh whatsisname :rolleyes: £6 to your door * SOLD Subject to funds* second one, The nature and subsequent uses of flint, by John Lord £5 to your door * SOLD Subject to funds* Thirdly, Tracking and the art of seeing £5 to your door * SOLD Subject...
  8. Sherwood

    british army goretex pro boots size 9 L

    British army goretex pro boots, size 9 L, new with tags, (but no box.) Great boots, but need to have a clear-out to keep my van on the road :( so lots of kit will be going up for sale... -SOLD-
  9. Sherwood

    Star trails

    I went out with the intention of getting a couple of pics of the Perseids meteor shower....and although I saw at least six "shooting stars" the camera was always pointing in the wrong direction, and the wide angle lens I had, wasnt wide enough! So plan "b" ...I took a series of eighteen 30...
  10. Sherwood

    Bits up for trade

    I have some bits up for trade below, i'm looking for veg tan leather of a suitable thickness for making sheaths/axe masks, some homemade greenland style wax (havent got the time to make any myself, with the kids running riot!), flint and steel, paracord....but anything bushcrafty considered...
  11. Sherwood

    Car boot sale finds, what do you want??

    As I live near quite a good car boot sale, and I get there fairly early on Sunday morning (straight after nightshift:yikes:) Theres often some quite good bargains to be had !! (Now i've said that there'll probably be nowt :lmao: ) I know some of you are not that fortunate and dont have...
  12. Sherwood

    A couple of walking sticks

    Just (about finished these two sticks, an antler thumbstick with built in compass and secret container (well not so secret now :lmao: ) on a birch shaft .... Secret container ( a mini plastic test tube!) not much space, perhaps only fit a couple of matches or aquatabs in there :yikes: A...
  13. Sherwood

    Insect and close up macro photography

    Some pics taken in my local wood, using a Canon slr and Sigma 150mm macro lens... Lift off! I didnt notice the ant on the stem when it was taken :cool: Thanks for looking, hope to go and take some more pics soon :)