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  1. vinnyp68

    Wanted Wanted top quilt maker

    I am looking for a maker to make me a top quilt from a down bag I have
  2. vinnyp68

    Swedish M90 cold weather parka

    Un issued, brought wrong size in error. I would say it's an XL. The military size is 190 75, see pic of label. £30 posted
  3. vinnyp68

    Woodland edge fire box

    £55 posted
  4. vinnyp68

    Driftwalker necker

    In used necker, brought on a whim and just stayed in the draw. It needs a new owner that would use it, beautiful knife by a great knife maker, Lance Ockenden. Looking for £70 posted
  5. vinnyp68

    Sabre SF 75

    Sabre sf 75 used once just to try it but decided to scale down and go super light, looking for £110 posted Brand new condition
  6. vinnyp68

    Heavy duty fire grill

    This will last a lifetime, 24" X 12" £50 posted
  7. vinnyp68

    Pyramid Tarp Tent Xt, Jack Wolfskin

    I brought this on a whim and already have far too many tents tipi and can could do with the cash, there’s a wilderness gathering coming up to spend more money on kit I don’t really need, lol Some pics are from a website so you can see what it looks like etc, some I took are of it packaged...
  8. vinnyp68

    Helsport Kongsvold 8-10

    I have for sale a brand new helsport Kongsvold 8-10 man tipi. I have not even set it up, I have a smaller version of this and love it, great quality and packs down small. I have far to many tents and can justify keeping this too. Looking for £360 Here is a link to the full specs...
  9. vinnyp68

    Fjallraven G1000 coat xxl

    Having a bit of a clear out and have this great coat in fantastic condition. Loads of pockets really warm. I got a bit of white paint on the lining but other than that nothing wrong with it and has very little wear. £80 Ono
  10. vinnyp68

    Pelican Canoe

    3 man canoe in great condition. 15.5'. Would like £350. Few scratches from launching but hardy used, see pictures
  11. vinnyp68

    Tent stove

    I was weak the other day and accidentally brought a bigger tipi. I am now after a wood burner for it, if any one has one to sell or trade please give me a shout
  12. vinnyp68

    Group buy mozzie net or net for RM Eco Hammock

    After a classic move of falling out my Ray Mears Eco hammock I am in need of a new mossie net :-( I think the group buy on here a few years ago was similar. If any one has one and wants to trade or sell it please let me know, thanks