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  1. gregorach

    Lurch - your PM box is full

    I was going to be a bit of a cheeky bugger and ask your opinion on one of these for fermentation temperature control... ;)
  2. gregorach

    It's the happiest day of the year!

    Looks like today will finally be the longed-for day when I leave work, turn my face to the west, and look into the setting sun. About bleedin' time, too!
  3. gregorach

    Here be dragons...

    No, really: I want one!
  4. gregorach

    Snow tracking in XKCD OK, I admit it's not very serious... ;)
  5. gregorach

    Do lost people really go round in circles?

    There's an interesting article about human navigation today on Not Exactly Rocket Science: Do lost people really go round in circles? But it turns out that they don't have any preference for one direction over the other...
  6. gregorach

    Neanderthals - more sophisticated than previously thought?

    A very interesting article from this week's Four Stone Hearth, based on a recent paper in in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Neanderthals Dried Fresh Meat, Wore Tailored Clothing – Energy Study. The paper is available in its entirety from Professor Sørensen’s website: Energy use by...
  7. gregorach

    35,000 year old flutes found in Germany

    One for the archaeology fans: 35,000-year-old German flutes display excellent kraftwerk (Apologies for the kraftwerk puns. Not my fault. :))
  8. gregorach

    First strawberry!

    I've just picked (and eaten, obviously!) the first ripe strawberry of the year from my allotment. It was nice. :) :D Anybody else got 'em already? And I mean outdoors - polytunnels don't count! (Yes, I'm looking at you, Rob. ;))
  9. gregorach

    Allotment update...

    Well, since everyone else is talking about their allotments, I may as well... I first got it back in October, in a somewhat neglected state: Well, after quite a bit of work, here it is now: Here we have 13 tomato plants of 7 different varieties: Roots and salads...
  10. gregorach

    Kill those annoying threads (FireFox only)

    I don't know about anybody else, but every now and then I would like to completely ignore the existence of a particular thread. Well, I now have a way! I have written (well, I've ripped-off somebody else's code and hacked it about to do what I want) a Greasemonkey script that will hide a thread...
  11. gregorach

    Hoard of Iron Age gold coins found in East Anglia

    I know many of us here are interested in archaeology, so I thought this was worth posting: Boudicca's gold hoard unearthed [Not actually Boudicca's at all, but never mind...]
  12. gregorach

    Woot! I have an allotment!

    After something like 3 years on the waiting list, I finally got offered an allotment today (on the Saughton Mains site, for those who know Edinburgh allotments). Popped round to have a look at it earlier on, and I've decided to take it. Gonna be a fair bit of work to get it sorted out though...
  13. gregorach

    Aborigines improve biodiversity by starting fires

    Today on ScienceBlogs: Aborigines improve biodiversity by starting fires:
  14. gregorach

    13 poisonous mushrooms you must know? (in the UK)

    On last night's Reporting Scotland, they did a follow-up to the story discussed in this thread, talking about the increased interest in foraging for wild mushrooms and the attendant risks. One of the experts they had on said that "there are 13 poisonous mushrooms in the UK you must know before...
  15. gregorach

    One for the mycology geeks - spore ballistics

    From ScienceBlogs today: The video is amazing...
  16. gregorach

    Neolithic Pottery and Shore Displacement in Sweden

    I'm sticking this in "Other chatter" as it's not really bushcraft, but I'm sure it'll be of interest to several here... There's a fascinating post over on Aardvarchaeology called Pottery Styles and Shore Displacement, about some very impressive archaeological / geological research. As you may...
  17. gregorach

    Viking treasure hoard found

    A father-and-son metal detecting team have really hit lucky - and they did the right thing: Viking treasure hoard uncovered [BBC] Lucky beggars! :)
  18. gregorach

    A meal and a hot bath in one?

    Been meaning to post this for a while, and the hangi thread just reminded me of it... I've found a couple of references in early Irish literature to a cooking technique which has the side benefit of getting you a hot bath into the bargain. It's kinda like pit roasting, but instead of burying...
  19. gregorach

    Field Mushrooms already?

    Yet more on the mushroom wierdness front... I've been noticing field mushrooms popping up around here in the last few days. I'm pretty darn sure I've never seen any this early before. Anybody else? Or am I getting my mushroom seasonalities wrong?
  20. gregorach

    Silva Ranger 27 - how to use sundial?

    OK, after getting completely cheesed off trying to take bearings with the good old Silva Type 3, I finally bit the bullet and bought a better sighting compass - the Ranger 27. Now apparently this compass includes a sundial... I can plainly see the markings on the bottom of the baseplate, but...