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  1. bb07

    Native smoke tanning

    A couple of videos showing different methods of tanning hides. The Cree way And Inuit
  2. bb07

    Button compasses

    Being a sucker for nice things, especially high quality, I really like these little compasses. They are available in brass, stainless and titanium. Very expensive though, although I'm sure they would last a lifetime. A bit of sadness to lose it though!:) I don't have one of these, nor know...
  3. bb07

    Fallkniven DC3/4 durability

    I know these are quite popular, and in fact have one myself. What I would like to know is this: how durable is the ceramic side of these sharpeners? Does it ever wear out?
  4. bb07

    Beaded slip joint pouch

    My wife does beadwork, and awhile ago a forum member contacted me to see if she would make him a beaded pouch for a slip joint knife. She agreed, and after getting the required measurements , proceeded with the pouch and has now finished it. He requested his initials and also wished for it to...
  5. bb07

    I'm impressed -tough people!

    This is quite the adventure and I wish them the very best. They are one tough couple to be travelling through Canada mid winter. Outstanding!!
  6. bb07

    Move over Walking Dead

    Move over The Walking Dead because the competition has arrived. Z Nation, season one on Netflix and Syfy. Zombie lovers rejoice:D
  7. bb07

    The Boreal Forest

    An informative bit of reading for anyone interested in the Boreal Forest of North America.
  8. bb07

    Show your favourite

    I thought it would be nice to see more of what other people have made. What is the one thing that you've made to date that is your favourite? (hard to choose only one, I know:)) It can be anything, an item you've sewn, a wood carving, a knife, pack, blanket or whatever. Since there are some...
  9. bb07

    Lucky to be alive

    There's a lot of things going through my mind after reading this story. I'm happy that he survived but it's a bit of a miracle I think. The very least he should have had is a means of making a fire kept on his person in a waterproof container. Hopefully he won't lose limbs due to frostbite but...
  10. bb07

    200 kilometers on snowshoes

    This is not something many people would do at any time, let alone over the holidays. I wish him luck and good weather. I'm sure he'll be in excellent shape by the time he finishes.
  11. bb07

    Birch axe mask

    I recently bought this Hultafors axe but it doesn't come with a mask. It's the Carpenters axe, with a fairly square edge that I've rounded to make it more like a regular bush axe. I wanted to try this weight of head on the shorter handle...
  12. bb07

    One tarp makes 66 shelters

    I'm sure this has been shown here before, but since I haven't seen it till now there must be at least one other person in the world besides myself that hasn't as well:). While a lot of them really aren't very practical, it's still amazing how many variations are possible...
  13. bb07

    How far would you travel for a Christmas tree?

    I thought this was a nice story. It makes me thankful to live where trees are abundant! The community here:
  14. bb07

    Exotac firesleeve

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before but if not then it might interest some of the Bic lighter fans. Throw away your ziplock bag and keep your Bic in this;): I have to admit, I would buy one:)
  15. bb07

    Chainsaw mill vs bandsaw

    Considering the cost of a good quality chainsaw with enough power for milling, along with the cost of a mill, these small bandsaws are not that costly. While certainly not inexpensive I think it would be very useful, providing one has suitable access to logs. Something else to covet:) I know I...
  16. bb07

    The Giant Axe

    The perfect thing for Halloween:rolleyes:, but not for your pack. And a different sort of axe making video: They make some very nice things. I'm starting to hate the internet;)...
  17. bb07

    For the axe men: Hewing and Framing

    I just stumbled across this and enjoyed it VERY much. If you like axes and working with wood I highly recommend it.
  18. bb07

    This is sad

    There's never anything good about bear attacks but this one is particularly saddening. Heartfelt condolences to the survivor. And a follow up...
  19. bb07

    Time for another axe

    And why not? It's as good an addiction as any other I suppose, and better than most:rolleyes:. If there's one thing I simply never tire of, it's chopping. My recent interest in slightly larger projects other than spoons and bowls has me convinced that I need a carpenter axe, so I chose the...
  20. bb07

    Log shed

    I've had the urge for some time to build a shed with logs and finally had a go at it. A tremendous amount of work compared to buying lumber and constructing a frame building, but very satisfying. I made a lot of mistakes but also learned a lot in the process. A forest fire a couple years ago has...