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  1. bb07

    Native smoke tanning

    A couple of videos showing different methods of tanning hides. The Cree way And Inuit
  2. bb07

    carving challenge!

    There's some very nice carvings here. I've never tried a woodspirit but I did have a go once with something small just to try something different. This was some time ago. Original thread: Mora 105 for...
  3. bb07

    Conflicting views about bushcraft

    Don't feel bad. You don't have to justify your purchases of anything (except maybe to your wife:)), least of all to someone who criticizes the cost of that knife while insulting your nationality, especially when I've seen custom knives sell for more than that on BCUSA and elsewhere. Life is...
  4. bb07

    Kind of cool :-)

    Similar, yes, but in two different parts of the country:). The first link shows an igloo made from freezing blocks in containers, while the second showing the castle, has blocks cut from lake ice and lit with coloured lights. Once warmer temperatures arrive, it'll all melt together in one big...
  5. bb07

    Forbidden access to reply.php

    I got this exact same message a few minutes ago when trying to reply to Toddy's thread here
  6. bb07

    Kind of cool :-)

    It seems quite popular here as well. And on a grander scale The ideal way to get blocks, though unfortunately not...
  7. bb07

    Anyone tried Ochsenkopf Axes

    This is so true and it's the best advice possible. Several years ago I was able to check out some new Ox Heads purchased by an exploration company. This one was a bit of a shocker: This pic really didn't capture just how badly skewed this head is. At the time I must have had the camera at an...
  8. bb07

    Button compasses

    Yes, quite expensive. The least expensive one is about 38 pounds delivered to the UK (excluding customs), but that sounds soooo much less than the $73 Canadian dollars one would cost delivered to me in Canada:lmao: (again, this is excluding customs costs)
  9. bb07

    Button compasses

    Being a sucker for nice things, especially high quality, I really like these little compasses. They are available in brass, stainless and titanium. Very expensive though, although I'm sure they would last a lifetime. A bit of sadness to lose it though!:) I don't have one of these, nor know...
  10. bb07

    Fallkniven DC3/4 durability

    Thanks guys. I've only had mine a short time and haven't used it all that much yet, but plan to keep it in my pack as a field sharpener. While I realize that diamonds do wear with use, getting progressively finer, I had no idea as to the longevity of the ceramic side. It seems that it'll...
  11. bb07

    Fallkniven DC3/4 durability

    I know these are quite popular, and in fact have one myself. What I would like to know is this: how durable is the ceramic side of these sharpeners? Does it ever wear out?
  12. bb07

    Beaded slip joint pouch

    My wife does beadwork, and awhile ago a forum member contacted me to see if she would make him a beaded pouch for a slip joint knife. She agreed, and after getting the required measurements , proceeded with the pouch and has now finished it. He requested his initials and also wished for it to...
  13. bb07

    I'm impressed -tough people!

    This is quite the adventure and I wish them the very best. They are one tough couple to be travelling through Canada mid winter. Outstanding!!
  14. bb07

    Neck / back up knife

    Finally, I get to see it! :) Very nice. Your website is working now as well, thanks.
  15. bb07

    Neck / back up knife

    Same here as sandbender. No pics and no webpage. It just says ''page not available"
  16. bb07

    Macdonald Armouries Apprenticeship Trials

    I agree. Someone with your talent and craftsmanship shouldn't have a problem selling your wares anywhere in the world. And there's still the option of online selling. The quality of your work would sell itself, I would think:)
  17. bb07

    Greenwood carving ideas wanted

    VERY nice assortment you have there Harvestman....
  18. bb07

    Move over Walking Dead

    Exactly.:) I too found it funny. A show that isn't taking itself too seriously. After all, the whole zombie thing is simply silly entertainment.
  19. bb07

    Move over Walking Dead

    Move over The Walking Dead because the competition has arrived. Z Nation, season one on Netflix and Syfy. Zombie lovers rejoice:D
  20. bb07

    Macdonald Armouries Apprenticeship Trials

    You lucky, lucky man. Good for you.:)