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  1. brambles

    USA Vs British Building Style

    Have a look at any American town after a tornado has gone through. All those timber and tar paper houses just blow away as if they were not there, leaving just a concrete pad and bodies behind.
  2. brambles

    Are all 900 down bags the same?

    Ignore the extreme temp rating for the OEX , it is fictional. I bought one and immediately returned it because it was nowhere near the advertised size in width across the shoulder.
  3. brambles

    Dress up knife carry - what's yours?

    CRKT Ripple or Snap Lock, both are smart and attractive designs that make a talking point even among non knife people
  4. brambles

    Heads up - Auction of Outdoor Gear

    The auctioneers or the liquidators? You do realise they are the ones selling the stuff?
  5. brambles

    Candle lantern

    Why not get a small travel mirror and add it into one of the folding lantern sides to make your reflector? SIBEL Small folding make-up/Shaving mirror - Silver:
  6. brambles

    Question concerning Carinthia sleeping bags.

    I have both a Defence 4 and a Tropen, hands down best sleeping bags I've ever had for comfort, warmth and practicality. They are also superior to the US MSS bags and have a better cold weather rating as the US MSS is part of a system that calculates its temp rating only for 4 hours survival...
  7. brambles

    Legal advise please.. help!

    Always mention the words "anti social behaviour aggravated by prejudice against the disabled" whhen describing his actions to the police, should be enough magic buzz words to get them to do something
  8. brambles

    cooking tuna in its tin

    Tinned tuna is already cooked.
  9. brambles

    Sold Stainless bushcraft knife

    Just a wee note to the OP - given your comments about being nervous carrying the bigger fixed blades because of potential legal consequences, you DO know there is zero difference legally between the Mora, carving knife or hatchet and the knives you have sold?
  10. brambles

    Ratnik sleeping bag.

    "interesting" as in it says they are new but the pics are clearly of used items and the pic of the soldier in a bag and the used items for sale are clearly of different sleeping bags, he is in a 2 bag sleep system , mummy design with a formed footbox and they are selling a simple rectangular...
  11. brambles

    Trees of Scotland satchel.

    That is outstanding work. Beautiful.
  12. brambles

    Be careful out there folks

    Let's hope you never come to one of the moots then, you've just described it perfectly!
  13. brambles

    Insulated jacket recommendations?

    Helikon Level 7 Winter Jacket Coyote
  14. brambles

    lost in space??

    IIRC you have to have a minimum number of posts ( 10?) before you can post pics, so yours are perhaps in limbo until that number is reached?
  15. brambles

    Head Torches - useful and cheap

    Very little equipment is actually made in the UK these days, in any field, and what is is bloody expensive. Check out the Jottnar brand as an example. Alpkit rebadge a few things but most of their stuff is their own design, built abroad so normal people can afford it. I have 3 Alpkit...
  16. brambles

    A Dubious Tent

    There are these new fangled inventions called "cameras", they create an image called a "photograph" ....
  17. brambles

    Robin Hood - Origins

    I suppose that would be a little anachronistic - Robin Hood being so much more modern than light sabres which were "a long long time ago"
  18. brambles

    Robin Hood - Origins

    Ah yes, people getting upset about a fictitious representation of a fictitious character. The internet is in balance once again.
  19. brambles

    An American looking for opinions on a pack out of the UK!

    Yeah but I was looking at packs in the same region/slightly larger than the Mystery Ranch pack OP had been hankering after previously rather than the Marauder
  20. brambles

    An American looking for opinions on a pack out of the UK!

    What about a Berghaus Crusader? 90litres = 5492 cubic inches Berghaus Crusader 90 + 20 MMPS Military Rucksack Backpack Bergen Bag Pack Green 5034856438835 | eBay Or a Wisport Raccoon? 85 litres= 5187 cubic inches - I've also just noticed that Military 1st now have free shipping to the US...