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    Making a Will

    Very sensible to have a will; a huge number of people don't. I review mine every few years and revise as appropriate. If you are thinking about a will then you may like to consider making an Advance Directive (or Living Will) too. They are legally enforceable, in the UK at least. See...
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    Water filters. Which do you recommend for long term use?

    I have, amongst other filters, a Katadyn Base Camp Pro. Just hang it from a branch or hook and let it get on with it. Worked fine for me. I think that you can get filters that screw in to Ortlieb water sacks, if you already have one of those.
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    Small basic grill?

    Perhaps take a look at the cooling racks (for bread, cake, etc.) at your local hardware / kitchen / cook shop?
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    Seasonal Jokes

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    Seasonal Jokes

    (Problem uploading image!)
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    Starlink -satelites

    Wow! Many thanks for the vid. Stunning. Never seen anything like it. I found if you watch on a smartphone you can alter your perspective too. Brill.
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    Seasons Greetings

    Happy New Year BCUK! Well, it is for me anyway...
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    Bushcraft Jokes

    I have that particular talent too! Nice to know that it's a special one I have, eh?
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    Farmer's Loop Tutorial

    Apparently December 18 is World Knot Tying Day. See The date is Clifford Ashley's birthday.
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    Dehydrated food

    Couscous could be an alternative to pasta. Very fast to "cook" - a couple of minutes to swell up in a very small quantity of boiled water, a couple of drops of olive oil and job done.
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    Nature and technology problems

    I like to watch the Ravens when I'm out in the mountains. They seem to fly just for the pure pleasure of it, piling in to updrafts, skirting the edge of escarpments and flipping themselves upside down. I watched one the other day who called out each time he / she flipped upside down.
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    On electric fences

    My terrier once sniffed at the new chickens through an electric fence net and was unpleasantly surprised. The chickens went on to become full-monty free-range after a couple of weeks and roamed freely everywhere, even in the house on occasion. The terrier used to chase pheasants when they...
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    On electric fences

    My pigs used to challenge the electric fence regularly. They'd also heap soil up on to the lower wire, earthing it to some degree, either by accident or design, I was never sure which! Still, they never did actually get out.
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    Stoopid jokes

    My wife said that sex is better on holiday. . . Let me tell you...that was not a nice postcard to get.
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    Compasses point to true north

    Agreed. I like to work on the principle that Navigation is the Art Of Knowing That You Are Not Where You Think You Are.
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    Try checking out Song of the Paddle for some help. Some members here frequent both sites. Also try this link. May help. I keep pondering a packraft too. At the moment it's a toss up between a packraft and a Gumotex Palava - quite disimilar but I'm feeling the need for another canoe (I have a...
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    Which 5-10 staples to carry to make multiple dishes?

    As has been said, good list. I'd add wheat, barley and rye flakes to the oats. Couscous is very fast to cook, at least how I do it. Basmati slower but nice. Brown rice very satisfying but takes a while. I'd carry a greater variety of dried fruits: mango, pear, apricots, dates, figs, cranberries...
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    Anger amid rise in 'dirty camping' in rural Scotland

    Dog poo is another issue (and I mean in the more open countryside here). Many dog owners pick up their critters' poo, bag it then chuck the bag just off the trail - or even hang it on a branch! Bagged it will take a very long time to break down, and if the bag is plastic it will just slowly...
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    Stoopid jokes

    My wife's driving me to drink. Lucky man, me! Saves me getting a taxi. I'll get my coat...
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    Stoopid jokes

    That is definitely worth a grooaaaan...